Bedroom wallpaper is good or bad, bedroom wallpaper how to paste?

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Bedroom wallpaper is a common phenomenon in life, many people will be in order to beautify the bedroom wall will be affixed wallpaper, then the bedroom in the end it is necessary to paste the wallpaper it? Bedroom wallpaper how to paste it?

Is the bedroom wallpaper good?


1, wallpaper variety of species, wallpaper, whether from the material, or flower type, style, texture, color, etc. have a great change. And the color is pure, if the wall is painted, it may be in the process of coloring the wall paint, there are subtle color differences, but the color of the wallpaper will always be pure, from the purchase to the paste on the wall, what to buy, stick to the wall What kind of face is it?

2. The paving time of the wallpaper is short. Paving the wallpaper is the fastest, most time-saving, and the most labor-saving method; the furniture does not need to be removed, resulting in less rubbish, wallpaper decoration, environmental protection, crack prevention, scrub resistance, and lasting color Easy to replace, strong decorative effect, large price space, etc.

3, bedroom wallpaper environmental health, latex paint is mainly composed of water, base material (emulsion), pigment, filler, four parts. Many ingredients will produce harmful chemicals when exposed to air for a long time, and latex paint will release formaldehyde gas. The wallpaper generally consists of three parts, paper base and ink are two of them, and the other part depends on the classification of the wallpaper material. From the composition point of view, the degree of harm to the human body wallpaper is far less than latex paint. (There are three kinds of harmful substances in the wallpaper, namely formaldehyde, heavy metals, and vinyl chloride monomers, which may still harm human health.)


1. The price of bedroom wallpaper is relatively more expensive than latex paint.

2, non-breathable material wallpaper easy to Alice, wall moisture for a long time easy moldy delamination.

3, deep-colored solid color wallpaper is easy to show seams, and the degree of contraction can not control the pulp wallpaper need to take the side paste, will show a vertical strip edge, the overall visual impact.

Bedroom wallpaper paving steps:

1. Eradicate wall covering

Remove the original paint and other objects on the wall, use gypsum powder to repair the cracked part of the wall, and then apply a bandage after smoothing; if sand and gray walls, partitions, but also full of glass cloth or cloth; Some poor quality partitions or external walls have to reach the insulation effect and need to be full of plasterboard

2, cut wallpaper

First measure the height of the wall and then cut the length of the wallpaper. There are two situations: Do not add 5 to 8 cm to the height of the wall covering according to the height of the wall. As the top and bottom trimming: the symmetry of the pattern should be taken into account for the flower wallpaper. The cut length should be increased according to the actual situation, usually lengthening 8 to 10 cm.

3, wallpaper construction

Generally, a wallpaper is put up from the top to the bottom of a door or a corner, and a scraper is used to draw the wallpaper from the top to the bottom. From the inside to the outside, gently scrape the wallpaper to squeeze out bubbles and excess glue to make the wallpaper evenly cling to the wall. .

4, before wallpapering, turn off the power

When wallpapering, assuming that there are power switches or sockets on the wall, you can turn off the main power supply first, and then cover the entire power supply and sockets, and cut two diagonal lines from the center of gravity. Four small triangles, and then use the utility knife to remove the excess wallpaper around.

The above is the content of the bedroom wallpaper brought by Beijing Living Home Decoration Xiaobian. It is undeniable that the bedroom sticker wallpaper can make the bedroom look more warm and comfortable. As for whether the bedroom should be attached to the wallpaper, it can be decided according to their own preferences.

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