Problems to be aware of after pasting wallpaper

- Mar 09, 2018 -

1. After the room is just paving the wallpaper, the doors and windows should be closed and dried. Because of the immediate ventilation of the room where the wallpaper was just finished, it will cause the wallpaper to edging and kicking.

2. After wallpapering for 3 days, use a damp towel to gently wipe away the wallpaper glue left at the seams of the wallpaper.

3, wallpaper more resistant to scrub, but does not resist the blunt bump, if you find a small surface damage, can be used near the color of paint or paint remedies.

4, non-concave wallpaper, weekdays just use a feather duster to clean.

5. When it comes to wet weather, try to close the doors and windows with water and steam to make the wallpaper damp.

The color of a typical bedroom is preferably warmer and softer to facilitate rest. If the color of the furniture is heavy, the color of the wall should be very light; if the furniture is light, the wall should be set off with a similar contrasting color to the furniture. The color of the newlywed bedroom can be festive, soft and warm. The best color of the curtain is close to the wallpaper color, and you must avoid the cold tone.

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