1.06 meters PVC wallpaper advantages and disadvantages

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Wallpaper is a decorative material that every household can't live without. It has rich colors, various textures, and moderate prices. Many home decorators will consider wallpapers to beautify the home environment. In recent years, most commonly used wallpapers are PVC materials. PVC wallpaper, as its name implies, is a wallpaper made with PVC as its main component. PVC is a high molecular polymer, also called polyvinyl chloride, which is hard, poorly soluble, and resistant to abrasion and microbes. PVC wallpaper made of this material has many advantages over other types of wallpaper, and of course it has its own shortcomings.

The advantages and disadvantages of PVC wallpaper

As mentioned above, PVC is hard, has poor solubility, and is wear-resistant and anti-microbial. Therefore, the PVC wallpaper is very waterproof and easy to handle. If you get dusty, you can just wipe it with a damp cloth and it's very convenient. PBC's wallpaper process is simple, and the color design is rich, users can have many choices, and can be tailored. And this wallpaper is not easy to fade and durable. The process is simple and affordable. But this kind of wallpaper is not perfect, its air permeability is not good, in the moist environment, the damage to the wall is larger, easy to return to tide. Therefore, in the use of the process, we must try to avoid the wet environment.

PVC wallpaper maintenance and repair

In the course of using, if it is found that there is a problem with PVC wallpaper, we must learn to use the correct method to deal with. If the wallpaper is blistering, it indicates that the paste is not uniform with the wall, and the built-in air bubbles are generated due to unevenness in the wallpaper and walls. This situation is not difficult to deal with, just use the needle in the air bubble puncture, use a slightly wet cloth to drive out the bubble, and then use the needle to take the appropriate amount of glue injected from the pinhole, and finally smooth the compaction. If the wallpaper is moldy, use a clean cloth with soapy water to gently wipe the moldy place. In addition to insomnia, there are specialized wallpaper mildew removers that can be used. If the wallpaper is edging, it is advisable to apply a proper amount of glue on the edges of the edges, smooth the edges, press firmly with hands, and blow with a hair dryer for more than ten seconds.

Is PVC wallpaper green?

PVC wallpaper is green, this answer is for sure. Because this kind of wallpaper is made of environmentally friendly materials, it does not contain toxic substances and will not cause any harm to the body. Why is there any toxic rumors of PVC wallpaper? This is because the market is flooded with wallpapers produced by small workshops. The materials used are very few. Due to weak market supervision, these shoddy products have caused some harm to consumers. We remind everyone to select products from regular manufacturers. Do not inflict damage to the human body because it is cheap and cheap.

The above is the introduction of knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of PVC wallpapers. PVC wallpaper is widely used as a good helper for home improvement. I believe you will have more knowledge of this kind of wallpaper through the above.

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