1.06 meters wide European wallpaper

- Mar 29, 2018 -

European style wallpaper unique atmosphere, luxury style, by the most extensive home improvement consumers love. European-style simplicity, European luxury and European pastoral, bring you not the same European style. Intricate Damascus, simple maple leaves, and dull pearlescent technology are suitable for the decoration of living rooms, bedrooms, TV backdrops and other places.

One, European maple leaf wallpaper

European-style maple leaves, flags and gold deep embossed wallpaper, decorate the atmosphere of the living room. As a TV background wall, this wallpaper became the finishing touch for the master living room decoration.

timg (24).jpg

Second, European Damascus Wallpaper

European Damascus wallpaper, the bottom layer is made of non-woven material, the surface is sprinkled with gold flocking, flower type is complex, the atmosphere of luxurious atmosphere is blowing, suitable for living room, bedroom and other large area full shop.

Third, European simple non-woven wallpaper

European-style simple non-woven wallpaper, flocking three-dimensional highlight, used to decorate the living room or bedroom, are a good choice. The pattern is surrounded by sheet metal craftsmanship, highlighting the taste and texture.

European wallpaper is the most popular

Fourth, European pastoral style wallpaper

European pastoral style is also a popular wallpaper, pastoral flowers embellished elegant bedroom, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. Bedroom wallpapers are preferably made of non-woven materials.

V. Very simple European style

Very simple European style, textured non-woven fabric with the underlying pearl process, to create a highly adaptable high-end wallpaper. The bedroom living room can be used in a large area.

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