1.06 meters wide wallpaper knowledge: how to quickly clean wallpaper wallpaper

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Pollution-contaminated wallpaper and wall cloth, as if the body's clothes are stained, is very frustrating. How can we clean up and clean the gorgeous wallpapers and wall coverings for a long time?

Wallpapers and wall coverings always give people a sense of elegance, luxury and modern style. The texture, pattern, and color of wallpaper and wall cloth indirectly reflect the user's cultural heritage, aesthetic level, and appreciation of taste. But the contaminated wallpapers and wall coverings, as if their clothes were soiled, are very frustrating. How do you cleanse and maintain the gorgeous wallpapers and wall coverings for a long time? This requires us to have Good quality special cleaning agent, advanced and efficient cleaning equipment, professional and experienced workers, and a long-term durable, achievable cleaning and maintenance plan.

Wallpaper, wall cloth cleaning operation specification:

Wallpaper, wall cloth cleaning is steam cleaning machine, multi-functional vacuum suction machine, combined with special disinfection, decontamination of pesticides on wallpaper, wall cloth steam slayer sterilization, foam cleaning decontamination, suction suction machine suction sewage, dried, and finally Anti-fouling spray treatment, the surface of the paper wall cloth to form a waterproof film, to achieve waterproof and dustproof effect.

Use tools and materials:

Water pumping

Use equipment: steam cleaner, sprayer, suction machine.

Use the material: Decontamination agent.

Operation method:

1, using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum

2, diluted detergent, can also be injected into the sprayer.

3. Spray cleaners thoroughly on wallpapers and wall coverings.

4. After 10-15 minutes of action, the stain is removed from the fiber.

5, use steam cleaner to clean, at least twice after the pump.

6. While cleaning wallpapers and wall coverings, use a suction machine to clean the washed wallpaper and wall covering.

7, let the wallpaper, wall cloth completely dry, in order to speed up wallpaper, dry wall cloth, can start wallpaper, wall cloth dryer

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