1060 PVC Wallpaper maintenance knowledge summary

- Mar 15, 2018 -

One, wallpaper tilt handling

Wallpaper tilt is generally due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by changes in the temperature and humidity, generally only need to paste with professional wallpaper glue, and use a flat object, such as books, such as table tennis bat pressure can be pressed.

Second, wallpaper blistering treatment

If there is a phenomenon of blistering in the wallpaper in the home, it is generally caused by uneven glue application on the wall surface, and foaming due to lack of glue. The sewing needle can be used to place a small hole in the foaming position on the surface of the wallpaper to release the gas. Take the appropriate amount of adhesive and put it into the eye of the needle to make it tight. Finally, flatten the book and flatten it to dry.

Third, wallpaper mold processing

Due to excessive indoor air humidity and poor indoor ventilation, mold will grow on the wallpaper. To deal with mildew on the wallpaper, wipe the wall with a dry cloth, add 4 cups of sanitizer solution to 4 cups of water, or use a diluted professional wallpaper cleaner. After mixing evenly, wipe the wall with mildew. surface.

Fourth, the processing of broken wallpaper

Damage to wallpaper is a common occurrence, which is usually caused by scratching by hard objects or accidentally bumping when moving. At this time, a small area of damage can be glued and repaired; if the area is large, it is generally recommended that it be re-paved.

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