1060PVC wallpaper styles

- Mar 14, 2018 -

The wall decoration is nearly 100 years old. The first was the use of murals and tapestries, and at the end of the 19th century, prints and embossed paper began to appear. 50 s, PVC plastic coated embossed wallpaper to enter the market, then the reference design of gravure printing and embossing technology combine to produce printing embossing wallpaper, and rotary screen printing type foaming embossed wallpaper also successively. With the progress of social science and technology, the wallpaper that is suitable for interior wall decoration is in a variety of shapes and colors. At present, the luxurious brocade wallpaper, deep embossed wallpaper, return to natural culture stone, wood, bamboo, grass fabric embossed wallpaper, fabric texture wallpaper, children's cartoon wallpaper varieties such as emerge in endlessly. The color has a flash type and a sublight type. So for the bedroom decoration, the design opens up more space vision. If within the walls as an open the packing box, master can play art creativity, originally simple rough cement structure room builds a variety of styles with a strong taste of life taste elegant atmosphere, as a result, foreign wallpaper usage with an average of 10 ~ 20% of the annual growth rate increasing, the United States, Japan wallpaper tackifier for three times in China, Europe is the hometown of the wallpaper.

With the improvement of people's quality of life in our country and the reform of housing policy, housing area per capita and quality of housing is comprehensive rise, as the main interior decoration material of wall paper will become the darling of the people beautify life.

1. Main varieties and texture patterns of wallpapers.

1, the main varieties of material points, have printed paper embossing wallpaper, plastic surface printing embossing wallpaper or foam rubber surface printing wallpaper, natural fiber cotton and linen printed wallpaper, plastic hot stamping material compound printing embossing wallpaper, etc., the dosage of plastic wallpaper largest. It is divided into three dimensional effects, which can be divided into regular printed embossed wallpaper and plastic printed foaming wallpaper with obvious relief effect. In the 1990s, it introduced a belt wallpaper with the finishing touch.

2. Texture pattern

A. Floral pattern.

Floral design with natural flowers and abstract designs.

B. engineering pattern.

Such as marble texture, gypsum texture abstract pattern, fabric texture and so on.

C. Cultural brick, stone, bamboo, wood, straw woven texture type (foaming embossed wallpaper)

D. regular geometric patterns.

E. Children's cartoon patterns.

Themed on animals, cartoon characters or stories, such as the yulan DISNEY series and the brewster golden childhood series.

F. abstract design

G. Landscape pattern.

2. The choice of wallpaper.

1. Decorative style design concept.

Decoration style, the most important thing is to establish a tone in the room: it might be a chic children bedroom of rural style, full of tong qu, also may be the nature, return to natural or sweet, comfortable, full of recreational feeling in the living room, the bedroom of sweet, quiet, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained entertainment places, etc... . It can be said that the design conception of decoration style basically reflects the owner's cultural taste and quality of life, while the design of public places is centered around its own characteristic function. So, a quantity decorates a style to establish, the wall paper that chooses to adjust correctly is crucial. After more than 10 years of creation and development, the domestic wallpaper industry manufacturers can basically meet the demand for various tastes and style wallpaper.

2. The selection of wallpaper varieties and colors.

A. floral wallpaper:

Since the design of the floral pattern that comes from nature is given priority to, can let a person have a kind of warm and intimate feeling, build a comfortable and comfortable living space, accordingly, be used by more family bedroom. But the rule geometrical pattern printing embossing (or foaming) wallpaper is mainly used for interior ceiling decoration, and lovely cartoon design and ocean world design are the best choice for children's bedrooms.

B. engineering series wallpaper:

The project series wallpaper is more in the hotel, the hotel and office office decoration, to reflect the whole floor of the integrity. Recently popular cloth art texture wall paper, with bedroom curtain, bedspread, sand publish match can create the emotional appeal of an organic whole.

C. Culture masonry, bamboo series, embossed foaming wallpaper.

Wallpaper of the brunet attune can build an atmosphere of returning most, such as housing in the living room wall decoration, the ornament of the British stove to decorate, tea, bar, coffee shop, restaurant and other public leisure places decoration, all should be the best choice.

D. Abstract and geometric patterns.

Abstract patterns and irregular geometric patterns are popular with the younger generation, and are widely used in the background of the living room and bedroom.

E. Waistband (margin wallpaper) series wallpaper.

More attractive in order to make the wall surface, using the combination of printing wallpaper and belt wallpaper will not only make wallpaper is clean and pure and fresh feeling, and make metope between visual suddenly become lively rise. For example, the top of the wall or along the upper part of the wall board and the surrounding area of the fireplace and door frame, it is natural for the wall to make space. It can also make a dull corner bright. It can be said that the edge of the belt wallpaper is decorated as the overall decoration of the wallpaper to make the finishing point.

3. Color processing.

Different color can create different atmosphere for the room, even can affect host's mood even.

Pink or jade - give a person the feeling of warmth and softness, appropriate to bedroom wallpaper.

Green - will bring natural comfort and freshness, giving people a relaxed mood.

Bright yellow - invigorating and refreshing.

Generally speaking, warm and comfortable colors include dark red, pink, ochre and bright green, while bright yellow, light green and turquoise will add light and space. Purple and blue slants cold tonal, wallpaper decorating is unfavorable use, and not easy to match with other colours for, but with white comparative combination, seems to have good effect, simple and bright, is very suitable for bath or sitting room. Recently popular hot pink, yellow or green, not only on the vision is soft, feels comfortable, live there during the day, because they appear bright, while in the evening has the feeling of warm and pleasant. Of course, in the public entertainment, the dining room, deep red, dark green and so on dark or gold silver eye-catching jumping tone is always the main character.

In a word, the design of the wallpaper and the choice of color is the key that foil host room decorates main tone.

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