3D brick wall plaster is a new type of wall decoration material welcome to come in

- Jan 19, 2018 -





Brick wall paste 3d concave and convex thermal insulation and anti-collision soft bag.

3D solid brick wall plaster is a new type of wall decoration material, with XPE foam as the main material, and through precision mold forming and other processes, it is made into a laminated wall paste with natural brick effect.

Compared with the traditional culture of brick, brick of 3 d elastic material is qualitative light, easy installation, can be cut (scissors and box cutters can be), the product shipped back glue paste at random, foam material collision avoidance, waterproof (not bibulous not afraid to soak), environmental protection, no peculiar smell.

The size of this wall is 70*77cm;

There are many colors.

Welcome in.

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