A brief history of wallpaper development

- Mar 08, 2018 -

The development of wallpaper has a long history, tracing back about 200 BC, the earliest use of rice paper to decorate the wall, this is the first class "wallpaper". After the use of a period of time, there are also many forms of things to decorate the wall, specifically not to elaborate, because this theme is wallpaper. During the tang and song dynasties, with the development of literature and art, a new way to decorate walls with painting paper appeared, and the form of wallpaper changed. But the real wallpaper comes from the middle ages in Europe.

Medieval Europe gradually appeared in the form of a roll of painting decorative wall, with the continuous improvement of technology, Europe for the first time in mural cloth, people began to experience the mural cloth adornment metope convenience and artistry. There are many kinds of wall cloth, and finally the real wallpaper is born.

From the mid-18th century to the end of the 19th century, with the development of European industry, it began to produce wallpaper with machines, which in the real sense appeared in the history of home decoration. In 1879, Walton designed an imitation granite embossed wallpaper that was full of stereos, leading the trend, and the design began to become richer and more artistic. From the 20th century, the material of wallpaper production is very rich, appeared the wallpaper type such as plastic wallpaper, chemical fiber wallpaper, PVC wallpaper and bamboo wood material. At the same time, the process and design wallpaper also gradually towards diversity and artistic quality, the foaming process of wallpaper, can besmear to brush light dust process of wallpaper, wallpaper, metal thermal printing process of wallpaper and ruffle wallpaper categories. The real area of wallpaper goes into the home with other decorative materials, and it started in the late 1970s and 1980s. At the end of the 20th century, the development of wallpapers gradually became mature, and the wallpaper industry system was gradually built, producing many famous wallpaper brands.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, more advanced production equipment and production technology have been developed to ensure the quality and stability of wallpaper. Adopt good environmental performance technology and product formulation to ensure the protection of environmental protection (including using starch adhesive instead of chemical adhesive paste wallpaper); In adornment effect, practical function, launched a year 1000-5000 kinds of new products, make wallpaper design more tasteful, more artistic, fashionable change, more able to meet the personalized characteristic, vigorously promoted to promote the quality of life of people live, was born at the same time environmental non-woven wallpaper, or even a wall mural cloth, and other new types of metope adornment, individuation. The wallpaper industry system has been established.

Chinese wallpaper industry after the decline of the 1990 s, domestic wallpaper elite enterprises of industry development has a deep thinking, draw lessons from experience and strengthen the self building, the quality of the Chinese wallpaper, design and color, variety, grade, function can match with wallpaper of advanced foreign countries, and some wallpaper enterprise on the size and strength has more than some foreign famous brand wallpaper. In the large decoration and decoration project gradually replaced the imported wallpaper, products and even exported to foreign markets. At present, there are about ten million wallpapers exported to Europe and southeast Asia every year.

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