Advantages of PVC wallpaper features

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Characteristic advantage

1. The wallpaper variety is complete, the flowers are various, and has a strong decorative effect.

A) the adornment effect is strong: the design and color of the wallpaper, the pattern is various, the choice is big, the effect after adornment is rich and colorful, can make the household more warmth, and the association. After the modified pigment formulation, the present wallpaper has solved the fading problem.

B) the application scope is wide: the base material is cement, wood, and powder wall can be used, and it is easy to maintain harmony with the color and style of interior decoration.

C) maintenance convenient: high quality wallpaper, has the advantages of anti-static function, vacuuming, local accidentally or artificial soiled, available water plus a small amount of detergent to clean, easy to clean, and have a good update performance.

D) use safety: the wallpaper has certain sound absorption, heat insulation, mildew proof, anti-bacterial function, good anti-aging, anti-insect function, non-toxic and pollution-free.

E) wallpaper has very strong adornment effect, the wallpaper of different design often can build the individual space of different feeling. Whether contracted style or the countryside, rural style or Chinese style, western-style style, classical, modern, can draw the outline of the feeling of brand new wallpaper and the emulsioni paint or other metope material cannot do.

2. The paving time of the wallpaper is short, which can shorten the construction period greatly.

3. The wallpaper has relatively good wear resistance, anti-pollution, easy to clean and other characteristics.

4. The wallpaper has anti-crack function. Do emulsioni paint on the insulation board, whether with dacron cloth or bandage, after the completion of no long time, some cracks was revealed, and wallpaper can avoid the defects. As long as the paving is in place, the small cracks will not appear again, of course if the building quality problems of the larger insulation wall, no matter what decoration can crack a complete mess.

5. The wall paper is different from other interior decoration materials: the daily use and maintenance of the wallpaper is very convenient, but it can be washed and rubbed without any other special requirements. Attention should be paid to keeping the indoor environment dry.

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