Advantages of Wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Pure color: When we choose to paint the wall, in the color of the wall paint, there will be a small chromatic aberration, brush to the wall on the tone often with their original idea is not exactly the same. and the color of wallpaper is always pure, because the wallpaper from the purchase to paste to the wall will not be changed colors, do not worry about chromatic aberration.

Health and environmental protection: latex paint is mainly composed of water, base material (emulsion), pigments and fillers, auxiliaries.

Long service life: the use of advanced production technology wallpaper, its material better, the service life will be longer.

The construction speed is fast, clean: paint metope difficulty will leave some stain, and it is very difficult to clear, but when pasting the wallpaper, if the liquid spills carelessly to the baseboard or the window border, generally we use the wet dishcloth or the sponge can clean quickly.

Rich style: Buy their favorite wallpaper, to create any desired effect.

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