After the plum rain season, the wallpaper how to prevent mildew?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

In recent times, continuous high temperature has swept the whole country. The high temperature and occasional showers have made the jiangnan area extremely hot and uncomfortable.

The reason for the discomfort is that the wall mold, which is caused by hot flashes, spreads through the air into the body's respiratory system, causing discomfort.

So, after the plum rain season, how to prevent mold, can inhibit mold breeding?

In fact, the inhibition of mold needs to start from the bottom, which is the wallpaper glue behind the wallpaper.

Now used for the wallpaper construction wallpaper glue mostly made of pure plant starch "glutinous rice glue", and contains nutrients in plant starch, if in the process of the extraction of raw material not up to standard, improper handling or processing glutinous rice glue is easy to become a hotbed of mold, once as long as the weather is hot flashes would cause mould.

The wall paper is mildewed, the wall paper bottom treatment is the key, the mold of the wall paper surface often is the mould that causes the wall surface through the moisture of the wall outside seepage, the mold on the wall surface of the wall is formed, finally the mold spot.

For the purpose of mouldproof, anti-mildew, wallpaper glue industry standard drafting unit of industry the only - feng jia force launched a new mouldproof, through raw material and process improvement, from the depth of the wallpaper, comprehensive prevent mold growth, metope in hot flashes environment to protect the health of the home crowd.

Anti-mildew antibacterial, UV spectrum: jia force abundant mouldproof wallpaper glue specially added UV function based reactive antibacterial monomer, adopts the technology of the dry film is mouldproof, colloid in the process of dry film indoors, have strong ultraviolet sterilization effect, the bacteria, mould and yeast such as broad-spectrum anti-mildew effect, antibacterial aging long, effectively solve the wallpaper moldy easily common ills, provide healthy beautiful household environment for you.

Viscous fluid, wall paper wall: jia force abundant mouldproof wallpaper glue 180 ° peel strength reached 9 N / 25 mm, much higher than the building materials industry standard of the People's Republic of China: JC/wallpaper adhesive, T548-2016 regulations required in normal wallpaper glue 180 ° peel strength (N / 25 mm) greater than or equal to 5 N / 25 mm.

In order to ensure that the wall paper is durable and firmly adhered to the wall, not warping, not falling off.

So say, the wallpaper is mildewed, the bottom treatment is the most crucial, choose to wall paper glue is the key that wall paper prevents mildew.

Choose jialifeng anti-mildew wallpaper glue, the wallpaper is not moldy, the home is more secure.

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