After the wallpaper is pasted, don't forget these operations

- Jun 06, 2018 -

1. No exposure, dry wallpaper and walls

After the wallpaper is pasted, you should close the doors and windows for 2 to 3 days to let the wallpaper dry naturally. If the room immediately after the wallpaper has been immediately ventilated, it will cause the wallpaper to sway the air drum kit, etc.

2. Keep the indoor temperature balanced, not too high or too low

Before the wallpaper is dry, do not open the heating and air conditioning, keep the indoor temperature and humidity relatively balanced, not too high or too low. In order to avoid large temperature difference caused by the severe shrinkage of wallpaper caused Kaifeng phenomenon.

3 moisture ventilation.

After 24 hours of wallpapering, the windows can be opened for ventilation to make the wallpaper more solid. If the room has high humidity, it is necessary to close the window in time to prevent the invasion of outdoor damp air.

4. Move the home slightly to avoid scratching the wallpaper

  After the wallpaper construction is completed, if you want to move furniture, try to take it lightly. Prevent home scratching wallpapers.

5. Pay attention to clean and smooth the glue.

After the wallpaper is pasted, be careful to clean the spilled glue to prevent the glue from becoming a stain after it has solidified. Remember to wipe with a clean rag. Do not throw the remaining wallpaper after the paste. When the surface of the wallpaper is defaced or damaged, it can be repaired with the remaining wallpaper.

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