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- Mar 06, 2018 -

Is the wallpaper green material?

Currently on the market divided into two kinds of wallpaper and domestic. Imported wallpaper mainly in Europe and the United States and Japan-based products, as long as the regular agents, then the environmental performance of their wallpaper is generally in line with standards; now made in large wallpaper factory in recent years, attempts to completely solve the environmental problems of wallpaper. Environmental protection is a basic condition for building materials products, not a reason to flaunt quality or raise prices.

Is the wallpaper breathable?

A few years ago, a number of people attacked the plastic wallpaper, one of the reasons is that it is not breathable, in fact, the permeability should be relative.

From another perspective, the ventilation in the room is by window ventilation, rather than by the walls to breathe. If the construction of the wall has not dried out, it is recommended to dry out and then paste; for the bathroom walls must be waterproof to post wallpaper, or even paste the steel will rust.

How to identify the quality of wallpaper?

Generally from the following aspects to identify:

(1), paper base thickness. Use 100% or more of natural wood pulp as base material. When you can ask the business to issue manufacturers documents.

(2), product strength. Surface coating thickness greater than equal to 150 grams / square meter. Wet tensile load greater than every 15MM vertical / horizontal 7 lost Newton. These two properties will ensure that the construction posted posted easy to smooth, not Alice, not transparent, and the surface can be the whole surface of the tear.

(3), abrasion resistance. When available, you can use the nails to sculpt the surface of each wallpaper to see whether there is scratches or peeling, to identify the toughness of the surface.

(4), green harmless. When shopping, may wish to smell the product smell is not irritating smell, do not mistake when the ink taste to stimulate taste.

(5), long color. Wallpaper surface coating materials and printing pigments are subject to the best and strict control, to ensure that wallpaper after long-term light (especially light-colored, white wallpaper) is not yellow.

(6) to see whether the unique pattern of graphics, the production process is well.

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