Can a moldy wall stick wallpaper?

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Moldy wall can not be wallpapered! The walls are moldy. It is nothing more than the wall caused by moisture. If a moldy wall is left untreated, direct paper wallpapering will result in:

1, the wallpaper and the wall is not firmly paste, hollowing, blistering, and then Alice off;

2. The vegetable starch glue used in the paste wallpaper provides sufficient nutrients for the existing molds. In the new environment, the molds will explode insanely and the area and degree of mold will be greater.

2 What should I do?

There are two reasons for the dampness of the wall:

1, because of the water seepage inside the wall, this kind of situation is generally more serious mold, no doubt need to solve the fundamental problem. Waterproofing is done first, then the moldy area and the nearby soft wall are shoveled off, and then the moldy area is sprayed with a mildewing agent to prevent mold breeding. Put new putty powder, brush base film, and paste wallpaper.

2, because the house due to the orientation, the external environment or the air caused by the wet mold, depending on whether the mold caused by wall damage may be. If the situation is not serious, wipe the mold first and then spray the moldy area on the moldy area; if the moldy condition is more serious, then you need to shovel away the damaged wall, you must put the putty powder, brush the base film, Reattach the wallpaper.

3. How to avoid re-moulding?

In order to avoid re-mould it should be noted:

1. Thoroughly dry the wall to eliminate the cause of mold and proper heating and ventilation. During the wet weather, try to open the window as little as possible.

2, try to make the walls dry, in wet weather can use dehumidifiers, air conditioners, fans, suck away the water on the wall.

3. Once the wall or home has water vapor, it should be immediately wiped with a dry rag.

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