Children's wallpaper should pay attention to what to buy

- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. The first question we consider when purchasing decorative materials is whether the quality of the material is qualified. That is why the wallpaper in the children's room should be selected. Children’s resistance is inferior to that of adults. The detoxabilities of organs such as the liver are still weak, so it’s better to choose pure wallpaper. It is made of natural materials such as grass and bark. It is environmentally friendly and very breathable.

The choice of baby room wallpaper should accord with children's innocent and romantic nature, so the choice of patterns and colors is very different from that of adults. For example, if you have a baby boy at home, use blue and green wallpaper. If the family is a girl baby, you can use pink, yellow wallpaper. The pattern must also be carefully selected. Choose stars, moons, flowers, and other fairy tale wallpapers. Babies all like to paint on the wallpaper, so the best we can buy is the kind that can be cleaned, so if you do not care it is also very good to remove. Another point is more important, but also more easily overlooked, that is, glue used wallpaper, we better choose the kind of pure plant glue, such as glutinous rice glue is good. Don't buy cheaper glue to save money, because there is formaldehyde in the inferior glue, which will endanger your child's health.

Grasp the above points, you can basically buy qualified children's room wallpaper

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