China 3D Living Room Wallpaper Wallpaper Market

- Apr 18, 2018 -

China started to produce the first volume of wallpaper in 1978. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, wallpaper was the most popular scene. At that time, the wallpaper development was particularly fast. At that time, equipment and unprofessionality caused the product quality to decline and harmed the interests of consumers. However, the large-scale influx of paint into the market, wallpaper gradually fade out of the market. And now why the wallpaper industry is also known as the decoration industry blue ocean products, rapid development in recent years, then the development of the next few years is how it? Below Xiao Bian sums up senior veterans in the industry to discuss core content and share trends of future trends:

     The bosses all know that in the Chinese market, PVC wallpaper has always been in the market, and the quantity is the most. However, in recent years, consumers have begun to pay attention to non-woven fabrics, and there are many non-woven fabrics, such as flocking, non-woven foaming, and non-woven fabrics. High-foaming, non-woven gold spill, pure paper and other processes can be seen in the market. Almost all of the stores are involved in the sale of a wide variety of materials, but it is rare to see shops specializing in one material. Why is this? Mainly because non-woven technology and pvc wallpaper compared, each have their own advantages, PVC wallpaper is a plastic surface, good care, there are many advantages such as a certain degree of waterproof, scrub, acid resistance, low prices and other advantages. However, non-woven wallpaper has good visual effects, environmental protection, breathability, feel good, strong paste, long life, etc., PVC wallpaper is indeed slightly better in terms of price, non-woven prices are slightly more expensive, but the color of non-woven Wallpaper is much richer than pvc wallpaper, so it is difficult to leave these two materials in the future development.

     According to statistics, China is basically only used by big cities, and the usage rate is only close to 10%. However, the wallpaper usage rate in Europe and the United States is more than 50%, and it is 98% in Japan and South Korea. China has been more than Europe and America since the production of the first wallpaper. In the late one hundred years, it is more than 30 years later than Japan and South Korea. It can be seen that China has great market potential to excavate, but from 2010 to 2014, more and more fields use wallpapers, such as home decoration, KTV business clubs, and project decoration. Cross-stitch photo frame edge decoration, hotels, restaurants, etc. are widely used. Today, the wallpaper industry has unprecedented development. Our domestic self-produced wallpaper has reached world advanced level in design process and environmental protection, but it is far from the current advanced country. The production level is still a certain distance. At present, there are more and more factories, many ignore the quality, go to the low-end market, but neglect to cultivate the market, so the future market is absolutely a high-end world, only high-quality and high-quality The factory will go longer and the storefront will be the same. It will always go to the low-end things. In the next few years, you will become more and more difficult to do, and the high-end market will do better and better. I believe that friends with prefaces have already paid attention to this point. Only more good art design, high-quality products and links are continuously improved. This will even affect the entire market.

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