Chinese wallpaper

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Chinese wallpaper refers to the decorative paper or cloth used for pasting the interior walls of a room. People are accustomed to the fabric as the surface material of the wall covering (wallpaper) also classified wallpaper products. Therefore, the broad concept of wallpaper includes wallpaper (wallpaper) and wall coverings (wall cloth). With the changes of the times, the development of wallpaper continues to evolve with the development of world economy and culture. It has successively experienced the development and change of paper, paper painting, foamed paper, printing paper, embossing paper and special craft paper process.

Chinese wallpaper type

(1) Fluorescent Wallpaper: Fluorescent agent added to ink to emit light at night, often used in entertainment space.

(2) luminous wallpaper: the use of light-absorbing ink, absorbing light energy during the day and glow at night, commonly used in Suzhou factory decoration;

(3) anti-bacterial wallpaper: After anti-bacterial treatment, can prevent mold growth, suitable for hospitals, wards;

(4) sound-absorbing wallpaper: the use of sound-absorbing material to prevent echo, suitable for theaters, concert halls, conference centers;

(5) anti-static wallpaper: for special needs anti-static places, such as laboratories

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