Choose sitting room wallpaper can start from two aspects

- Jan 30, 2018 -

After the living room is hardwired, the first soft outfit is basically wallpaper.

The choice of wallpaper will give you whole household style to form a fundamental key, once did not choose good, change also can be very troublesome, so want to be careful.

Here are two ways to find the right direction.

One, according to the sitting room orientation.


The sitting room facing north direction does not have sunshine to illuminate, when choosing sitting room wallpaper color, suggest to choose to prefer the wallpaper of warm color department, its color is shallow, more warm.

Can use the wallpaper of some exquisite pattern to make bottom, not only sedate pure color foil, also present master good grade.

The sitting room in the south direction is long, the sitting room wallpaper can use cool color, let a person feel more comfortable, the room fascinating index also is climbing ceaselessly.

Want to build elegant, sweet sitting room environment, the most ideal shortcut is to adopt restore ancient pattern.

2. According to the required style.


Elegant type: the sitting room chooses white wallpaper can give a person a kind of bright and clean feeling, let a person come in to feel fresh and fresh, give a person fresh feeling.

But light color is more drab, you can again the sitting room chooses small object or brunet furniture to match, reflect individual character.

Contracted type: want contracted style to decorate a style you can choose silver wallpaper, give a person a kind of atmosphere, sedate, do not lose the sense of humor again.

Sweet type: want the warm and comfortable that the sitting room decorates, can choose the color of warm color department, light yellow, pink and so on color.

So your sitting room can let a person again warm feeling, in it can get body and mind double relax.

Lively type: the living room wallpaper chooses the bright color such as beige, green, let a person feel lively, full of vigor, also reflect you to the living room, opposite home sweet feeling.

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