Choose Wallpaper Patterns And Color Tips

- Dec 23, 2017 -

   Choosing patterns and colors is a matter of heart. Here we can make a few brief introduction, for the dealer reference. 

    1) the color of wallpaper can affect people's mood. Warm color and bright and bright color can activate the mood of person, appropriate use in dining-room and sitting room, cool color and brightness low color can make a person concentrated, mood is stable, appropriate use in the study.

    2) vertical stripes add bedroom height. Stripe pattern of the wallpaper has a lasting and classical, modernity and tradition and other features, is one of the most successful choice, it can put the color to use the most effective way to spread in the whole metope, simple and elegant, very easy to match with each other design. The long stripe of slightly wide type is suitable for use in fluent large space, can make originally tall room produces to the right and left extend effect; The narrow pattern is used in the small room, it can make the lower room have the effect of upward guidance.

    3), the large flower pattern reduces the feeling of the room. Some flowers design is vivid, color is strong, the feeling that the distance is really have, this kind of wall paper can reduce the constraint feeling of the room, suit the room that the pattern is more prosaic. Because this kind of pattern is more exaggerated, so should go with European classical furniture commonly, the people that likes contemporary concise furniture better not choose this wallpaper.

    4) small and regular pattern add bedroom order feeling. Regular small pattern can provide for the bedroom a neither exaggerate too won't light background, do you like the furniture will be fully revealed its characteristics in front of the background, if this is your first pick wallpaper, choose this type of wall paper is most safe.


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