Cleaning methods for different material wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

PVC Plastic Wallpaper

PVC wallpaper Its surface mainly using PVC resin, PVC plastic wallpaper is layered, if the temperature difference in the room is very large, PVC plastic wallpaper may expand and contraction caused by expansion of the edge.

If the PVC plastic wallpaper appears on the edge, you can use the pasted wallpaper glue on the edge, the warping place, with a hair dryer for 10 seconds, with the hand to push to the edge, until the stick, and then blow dry.

Foaming Wallpaper

Foaming wallpaper Soft, thick, the surface appears elastic concave-convex or patterned patterns, such as relief, wood and so on.

Foaming wallpaper concave and convex surface easy to accumulate dust, should be regularly cleaned, so as not to affect the beautiful, generally 3-6 months cleaning once, can be used vacuum cleaners or brush dip water wash, attention do not infiltrate the water into the splice place.

Natural Material Wallpaper

Made of natural materials, such as wood, grass, simple and natural, elegant and elegant. A drink or beer sprinkled on the wallpaper easily produces chemical reactions that make the wallpaper discolored.

Liquid splash on the natural material of the wallpaper should be treated immediately, first with a half dry white cloth wipe, do not play a role and then use clean wallpaper cleaning agent shake a shake spray in the stain place, and then use the white cloth circle to wipe. The wallpaper cleaner can be replaced with a blanket cleaner.

Plain paper Wallpaper

Pure paper wallpaper is a kind of all the natural wallpaper made of pulp, breathable, absorbent, is an environmentally friendly low-carbon ideal home decoration materials. Pure Paper wallpaper Cleaning can not be directly washed.

If the pure paper wallpaper has a stain, can not be washed directly with water, so as not to destroy the integrity of the wallpaper, can be easily wiped by eraser. If the wallpaper bubble, can be the surface of the wallpaper blister with a needle punctured gas, and then inject the glue injection needle, scrape flat.

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