Common bedroom wallpaper color

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Earth color

Earth color is actually a color system close to the ground, such as brown, white, light gray, etc. These colors used in bedroom wallpapers are mostly light gray and close to the ground color, giving people a natural sense of simplicity.

2. Pink

Pink wallpaper is commonly used in children's rooms and women's living spaces, giving a fresh and natural feeling. From a psychological point of view, pink decorations can also relax tense emotions of occupants. From the collocation point of view, pink is very easy to mix with other colors.

3. Neutral color

Neutral color gives people a mysterious feeling, stable atmosphere, often used by designers for the elderly room decoration or want to create a romantic bedroom space. This wallpaper color also contributes to the space warmth to create a wallpaper design, bright colors, is one of the designers commonly used color system.

4. Metal color

With the use of modern metal technology, metallic wallpapers give people a strong sense of texture and highlight the luxury of space. Generally use this color of the wallpaper, the room type is larger, the decorative effect is more prominent. It is a wallpaper color system that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It brings a low-luxury style and gives space to high-end atmosphere. 


Bedroom Wallpaper Color Selection Tips

1. At the time of purchase, merchants generally provide various types of wallpaper albums for users' reference. Many consumers are concerned that the actual paving effect of wallpaper differs greatly from that of the album. Therefore, we can take some of the favorite wallpaper samples with the business and try it out on the wall to see if the decoration is good.

2. The color of wallpaper is mainly in cool and warm colors. Before we purchase, we must first determine the overall color of the bedroom space, that is, the color of the ceiling and wall ground. This color can be determined according to the style of home decoration, generally follow the ceiling wall Deep color matching. Of course, the color of the wallpaper should also be coordinated with the overall space soft outfit, so that the overall decoration will be beautiful.

3. If the height of the bedroom is not high, vertical stripe wallpaper can be used to extend the space height and make it more comfortable to live. Another vertical stripe wallpaper design is relatively simple, geometric line sense, very modern, very much in line with contemporary decoration users of the aesthetic concept.

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