Common materials for wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Mica Flakes Wallpaper

Mica is a kind of silicon acid salt crystallization, so this kind of product is elegant and shiny. With good electrical insulation, high safety factor, both beautiful and practical, the family is very fond of children.

Recommended venues: Public places, sofa background, living room TV background.

Wood Fiber Wallpaper

Wood Fiber wallpaper Environmental protection, breathability is the best, the longest service life. The surface is full of elasticity, and sound insulation, heat insulation, insulation, soft and comfortable feel. non-toxic, harmless, no odor, good air permeability, and paper type stability, at any time can be scrubbed.

Recommended Place: Master bedroom and so on.

Plain paper Wallpaper

To paper as the base material, after printing by embossing, natural, comfortable, no odor, environmental protection, good ventilation performance. Because it is paper, so there is a very good color effect, suitable for dyeing a variety of bright colors and even fine brushwork. Poor paper product time may be slightly yellowing.

Recommended Place: Children's room and so on.

Non Woven wallpaper

To pure Non-woven fabric as the base material, the surface using water-based ink after printing coated with special materials, by special processing, with sound absorption, not deformation and other advantages, and has a strong breathing performance.

The second largest sales wallpaper is second only to plastic noodles in China. is also the most environmentally friendly wallpaper. Its material is pure natural cotton hemp fiber through non-woven formation. In Europe and the United States sales of the largest, the domestic market, Zhejiang market Non-woven sales have been and plastic noodles wallpaper, and the future will be the mainstream non-woven. In addition, a little knowledge about Non-woven is: According to the amount of fiber contained in different, divided into two kinds of material. The amount of fiber is less than 16%, called Non-woven paper, above 16%, known as Non-woven. The higher the more tend to cloth, such as non-woven shopping bags.

Because it is very thin, construction is very easy, very suitable for DIY young people.

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