Common wallpaper problems and solutions

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Powdery wall: that is, metope has not firm powder to exist, should sand grind to remove, whole flat, brush on varnish or environmental protection performance is higher of wall paper base film, wait to dry thoroughly can paste wallpaper.

Light wall: the wall is very smooth, not easy to absorb glue, not easy to dry, the adhesion will be reduced, need sanding to be able to paste wallpaper.

Patching putty: a lot of white glue is added to the putty to make it strong and will not crack.

Scraping putty: a small amount of white glue is added to the putty for sanding.

Gypsum powder with white glue to replace the blanket putty, can accelerate drying, shorten construction time.

The treatment of damp metope: the metope of the bedroom is damp, even moldy.

At this time can besmear on the metope to resist fluid, make metope form colorless transparent waterproof membrane layer, can prevent the infiltration of foreign moisture, keep metope dry, can decorate metope later.

If the metope has been damp, can let the metope of damp to have one to two months of drying process first, brush a layer of mix cement to avoid water slurry on the wall again, rise moistureproof effect.

Second, fill the wall with gypsum putty. After drying, use sandpaper to smooth the wall.

Next can be in dry clean metope to paint the bottom coating to use paint roller two times, also can spray.

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