Comparison of wallpapers and wall coverings

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Wallpapers and wall coverings have become the trend of the decoration industry year after year. Their product features make them perfectly blended with various styles. Then, do all the owners know how to distinguish between wallpapers and wall coverings? What are the differences between wallpapers and wall coverings?

The first is wallpapers, ranging from low-priced machine-printed products to noble hand-painted products. In general, three kinds of wallpapers, namely paper-based, rubber-coated, and rubber-coated, are commonly used by the general public. However, it is recommended that if there are children at home, they should use a plastic or plastic cloth. Wallpapers, because these two types of wallpaper can be wiped with water, easier to clean, and also more scratch resistant! If you prefer high texture and warm and thick feel, consider using a wall cloth.

In the case of wall coverings, the price of wall coverings is higher than that of wallpapers. It has functions such as sound insulation, sound absorption, and adjustment of indoor humidity. Wall cloth can be roughly divided into cloth bottom, cloth bottom and cloth bottom. If you need waterproof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant properties, the fabric is a good choice. But if you also care about the characteristics of fire protection, the surface of the cloth will be the best choice. The surface layer of the wall cloth is mainly made of plain woven cloth, jacquard cloth and arranging cloth, among which the arranging cloth is most widely used.

Do you understand the difference between wallpapers and wall coverings? Wallpapers and wall coverings have their advantages. How to choose depends on the preferences of the owners. Owners may wish to go more and more, and maybe they can choose the most suitable wallpaper or wall covering.

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