Decorate wall paper curtain, floor construction steps who first who after the specific reason?

- Feb 24, 2018 -

A lot of construction novice's friend often construction step is wrong, cause the wall paper pollution or the curtain dirty, so how to decorate wall coverings curtain and floor correctly?


Here is a simple analysis of the zesen wall coverings factory.


First talk about the first step is the first step in normal wall coverings, the second step on the floor the anchor line, the final curtain. Why so operation, first wall coverings reason: because of the first to start the orbit of the curtain, wall coverings at the bottom of the track need to punch time, it will be hard to stick good, or it's a small piece of a small piece of tinkering, can make a big seam and still not beautiful, therefore it is better to wall coverings;


Then on the floor, floor before a certain ground paving, must ask workers do not cut the floor inside the house should be cut to the corridor, such as long as the corridor cleaning can finally, it can also be a minimum of pollution wall coverings, when also can put the anchor line with wall coverings, better and that is why the cause of the wall coverings;


The final installation curtain step is relatively simple, as long as the careful operation of the wall paper can complete the operation.

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