Decorate wallpaper of 8 big advantage

- Mar 07, 2018 -

What about the wallpaper? In fact, wallpaper is much better than latex paint, the wallpaper is beautiful and easy to crack, not easy to fade, not easy to damage, obviously will be more durable. As long as the correct construction, the wall behind the wall will not fall off. Just such a wallpaper, the function is very strong, read the following content, believe will refresh your understanding of the wallpaper.

1. Prevent cracking and peeling of walls.

As everyone knows, the newly decorated house will be easy to fall off and peel off. Cracking, etc. Especially on the wall that brush emulsioni paint is particularly apparent. This is because the skin is exposed and easily oxidized. Plus the northern climate is dry. If you don't pay attention to the wall, it will crack and fall off. The wallpaper is the equivalent of putting on a coat on the wall. Economical and practical, also can prevent the wall skin craze to fall off and so on.

2. Prevent the wall from becoming moldy.

In the south of our country, the home decoration must take into account moisture-proof. Rainy weather in the south is more, the household is more prone to mildew. After wallpapering, it is equivalent to putting on a protective coat for the wall. Enhance the anti-oxidation function of the wall. The erosion of water to the wall is blocked, and it is not easy to become damp and moldy.

3. Easy to manage

Don't worry about the wall after the wallpaper, because the wall paper itself has the characteristics of waterproofing. If the wallpaper is dirty, just wipe it with a towel. If it is soiled particularly severe, that also don't have to worry about, as long as the tear stained a wallpaper can (wheat warm prompt: suggest you when decorating can reserve more a roll of wallpaper, in order to make using of the replacement) if if brush emulsioni paint, glue stains on it is difficult to clean. If the stain is serious, the whole wall must be shoveled off, is it not worth the loss?

4. Not easy to damage or tear.

In general impact, the wall paper is not easy to be damaged, unlike the general latex paint wall is easy to knock off the skin. In addition, if there are children in the family, children like to doodle on the wall, sticky glue, wall paper metope is not afraid of. General waterborne colour pen can be removed easily, the adhesive that affix is very easy to take off. Even accidentally broke wall paper, repair is very easy, as long as the original damaged place on the wall of a square with his knife down and then kept when decorating, wall paper, cut the same size of well pattern of block wall. As long as careful operation, after the general repair, standing on a meter is completely invisible.

5. Beautiful and elegant, with strong decorative power.

The wallpaper is rich in color, and it has different texture pattern and home decoration style. The decoration effect is very good. And the decoration style that the wall paper unifies, can let the home show a unique sense more. Upgrade your family's class and taste. Besides, the wallpaper is colorful, and rarely repeated with others. You can completely customize your personal home.

Pasting is convenient. Easy replacement.

6. The wallpaper paste is not very high requirement for technology, easy to handle. Two people can paste two or three rooms a day. Simple and convenient. Girls can do it, too. And the wallpaper is easy to replace.

If you need to update the wallpaper, just peel off the corner of the old wallpaper and peel it off, leaving the paper base on the wall. If the paper base and wall are glued firmly, the new wallpaper can be mounted directly on it. General business will offer professional construction, a 100 square meters of apartment, half a day change, and change the wallpaper also does not affect to reside.

7. The color is durable and easy to fade.

Many people think that the wallpaper will be yellowed after a long time, but the wallpaper is not so fragile. Generally good quality paper can be used for 5 to 10 years, still beautiful and new, of course, if you choose the wallpaper of special quality, that is another matter.

8. Better sleep than sleep.

The wallpaper is colorful and brightly colored. And the pattern is very fashionable. Meet people's different aesthetic and cultural needs and wallpaper is beautiful and colorful. Alleviate visual fatigue, let a person be able to release from the exhaustion of one day, relax the mood of the person, in such an environment sleep, nature is antian comfortable. Believe that everyone can make a dream!

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