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- Mar 05, 2018 -

First, the wall treatment is the key

For wallpaper, the wall is a concealed project, if ignored, the wallpaper on the wall later, there will be a series of problems: soon after the patch moldy, dense internal bubbles, Alice edge problem ... ... As opposed to the high-rise foundation, Walls for the role of wallpaper is also incalculable, once neglected, all efforts will be put into running water. Wall treatment should do the following:

1, do a good job of waterproofing

Water seepage is taboo wall, even if not wallpaper, I believe no one dared to live in the water seepage through the house every day, life and safety may not be guaranteed. To prevent the wall from water seepage to be waterproofing, where special emphasis is on the wall next to the bathroom, bathroom wall that must be waterproof, so as not to make the wallpaper by the wet damp bathroom.

2, to ensure smooth

If the wall potholes, not only increase the construction difficulty, but also difficult to ensure the construction quality, affect the appearance, therefore, the formation of the wall is crucial. The method of judging whether the wall is flat or not is extremely simple. Generally, it can be observed with the naked eye or observed with incandescent lamp at the corner of the wall. The long wooden stick can also be used against the wall to see if there is any gap.

Second, the choice of accessories is very important

Wallpaper accessories mainly refers to the basement membrane and wallpaper glue, of which Jia Li Feng function base film and edible glutinous gum most representative, leading the industry trend. With the development of wallpaper industry, wallpaper must be brushing base film has become the industry consensus, not the damage caused by base film is unpredictable

3, how to choose high-quality wallpaper glue

At present, sticky glutinous gum with its strong, green, and gradually replace the traditional powder mortar, wallpaper glue into the mainstream. Glutinous rice gum belongs to starch glue, is the most environmentally friendly wallpaper glue, and the construction is convenient, the viscosity value is more than three times the ordinary glue mortar, suitable for a variety of wallpaper, wallpaper is the preferred home furnishing products. Of course, glutinous gum on the market is also quite a mixed bag, choose high-quality glutinous gum, you need to look for the following points:

(1) Select products with "ten-ring certification" and "EU certification" logo to ensure environmental protection

(2) choose a clear product and manufacturer information products, reject three non-product

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