Decoration Styles

- Jan 12, 2018 -

1. Modern minimalism.

Modern style decoration features: by curves and asymmetric lines, such as pedicel, bud, vines, insect wings and nature all sorts of beautiful, undulating form design, etc., and embodied in walls, railings, window lattice, and furniture and other decorations. Some of the lines are graceful and elegant, some are strong and rhythmic, and the whole three-dimensional form is integrated with the methodical and rhythmic curves. Heavy use of iron components, glass, ceramic tiles and other new processes, as well as iron products, ceramic products and other comprehensive application in the indoor. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, try to bring new ideas to interior decoration art.

2.The idyllic style.

European pastoral style: focus on performance of nature, but different field has different nature, and also spawned a variety of furniture style, Chinese style, European style, and even the rural amorous feelings of South Asia, each have each characteristic, each have each beautiful. It is mainly British and French.

3. Decoration of the new Chinese style.

Chinese style is relatively free, adornment can be green plant, cloth art, adornment picture, and the lamps and lanterns of different style. These decorations can have a variety of styles, but the main decorations in the space are traditional decorations such as Chinese paintings, palace lanterns and purple sand pottery. These decorations are small in number, but can make the finishing point in space.

4. European classical style.

European style mainly refers to western classical style. This style emphasizes with luxuriant adornment, strong colour, exquisite modelling achieves elegant adornment effect.

5.Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style has unique aesthetic characteristics. Generally choose the subdued color natural, pay attention to the space collocation on combination design, make full use of every inch of space, integrating decoration and application, in combination with avoid trivial, look easy, natural, send out the breath of ancient honorable and culture grade.

6. Southeast Asian style

In southeast Asian style adornment, the material that indoor USES is taken from nature more directly. Because hot, humid climate brings abundant plant resources, wood, cane, bamboo becomes interior decoration first choice. Southeast Asian furniture is mostly local material.

7.American country style.

American country style, is the western country's way of life evolution to today's a form of it with a little casual, in classical slam the door too much cumbersome and costly, the beautiful modelling of both classical and neoclassical function, is concise and lively, warm and comfortable. The American country style attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, showing the simple taste of the country.

8.Japanese style decoration.

Japanese style space modelling is very concise, furniture furnishings on tea table, wall use wooden components for wooden sliding door, window pane geometric shapes and fine squares photograph echo, plain and elegant soft space atmosphere. The adornment that does not add more often, pay attention to actual function more.


9.Fashion is rife.

Interior decoration also has a tendency to both modern and practical, and to absorb the traditional features, in the decoration and furnishings in the ancient and modern Chinese and western.

10. Classical style (luxury and affluence)

In the era of decoration, most of the decoration is a more luxurious and rich style. Especially in the 1980s and early 1990s, interior decoration was often a special form of showing off one's identity. The owners will ask the various symbol decorate luxurious design embedded, such as coloured drawing or pattern glass condole top, fireplace, decorative panels, decorative wooden horn line, etc., and basically exist in similar to the baroque style combined with the domestic materials as the main decorative way.

11. Simple style (do whatever you want)

In the 1990s, there was a home decoration craze in some areas. Due to the limitations of technology and materials, there was no real designer to carry out the home decoration guidance at that time, so it was the most vivid description of the time. The owners began to pursue a clean and bright interior effect. Today, this style is still the first choice for most first-time home buyers.

12. Exquisite style (dignified and dignified)

Some people yearn for and pursue the high quality of life. About from the mid - 1990 - s, people began to use in decorating delicate decoration material and furniture, especially at this time, the domestic designers into domestic outfit design, which has brought a new idea of decoration.

13. Natural style (art leisure)

The decoration craze that began in the 1990s brought people a lot of decoration ideas. On the market for a large number of Taiwan, Hong Kong decoration magazine let people big open horizon, all dare not imagine before, such as the small garden, culture stone decorative wall and of rain flower stones such as adornment gimmick to appear in the real design. Being close to nature and returning to nature has become one of the goals that people pursue.

14. Light style (generous and generous)

The mid - 1990 - s, the design idea of household got great liberation, people began to pursue a variety of design methods, the modernism and postmodernism, relatively complete the design of the system in series when people talk about is decorated, the "doctrine" frequently appear in the mouth. This style is basically made of cherry wood as the main decorative finish.

15. Soft style (smooth and independent)

At the end of last century, at the turn of the century - with a luxury in the steady pursuit of imitated the clubhouse design began to appear in all kinds of real estate plate example room and office, and then a lot of in common household adornment. This kind of style is more emphasized, the adornment of the kinds of its content as well as simpler form, gradually formed the style is mainly made of black walnut wood decorative panel, minimalism and the minimalism surfaced.

16. Elegant style (quiet and gentle)

This is a design style that appeared at the beginning of the last century at the beginning of the last century. It is basically based on woodworking with wallpaper as the decorative surface and mixed oil. This style emphasizes proportion and color harmony. People begin to color the upper part of a wall with smallpox, while the wall USES a wallpaper with light texture. The whole style is very elegant and quiet, without a touch of impetuous.

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