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- Mar 19, 2018 -

High-quality eco-friendly materials cannot be saved. The basic materials used in home renovation must be strictly screened and quality checked. Paints, latex paints, wall tiles, man-made boards, cement, etc., should all regard the quality of products and the level of environmental protection as an important criterion for selection, and try to use high-quality brand-name products as much as possible. Because of the choice of decoration materials, the quality of the finished house and the degree of environmental protection of the decoration will be greatly affected. Some formaldehyde and other pollutants in poor quality sheets may even be lurking for more than ten years, virtually jeopardizing the health of family members.

Circuit board can not save. With the progress of the times, various kinds of smart products have already entered the tens of thousands of households, leaving behind large-scale household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, etc., but they are simply handheld devices such as mobile phones, ipads, and digital cameras. The demand for circuit boards has increased. Therefore, installing more sockets in appropriate positions on the wall was almost included in the consideration of each home decoration. Although the inferior outlet has saved some budgets, it is very likely to bring huge security risks. Choosing a trusted outlet brand is naturally best.

Waterproof engineering cannot save. For budget reasons, some families tend to overlook the role of waterproof materials. After laying the floor and brushing the walls, simply brush a layer of waterproof material and think that everything will be fine. In fact, waterproof materials and waterproof construction will not reduce the use of decoration materials. In the later period, leakage problems will occur in the downstairs and will only be more time-consuming, labor-intensive, and consumables.

Bathroom products cannot be saved. If the wet and dry separation design of the bathroom is not particularly reasonable, most of the items will be easily "eroded" by the water and affect its own service life. For those who value the overall level and quality of the bathroom, choosing a good product is a matter of putting money into practice. In addition, installing a high-quality toilet from the beginning will eliminate many worries.

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