Do you know what a non-woven wallpaper is?

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Non-woven wallpaper is also known as non-woven wallpaper, it is a kind of metope adornment material, at present there are non-woven wallpaper, wallpaper in accordance with the material points of pure paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, etc., according to the feature points in the sitting room paste, paste, paste using children room, bedroom is the most common is non-woven wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpaper and pulp fiber cloth or wood pulp fiber wallpaper, wallpaper is at present the new type of green environmental protection on international wallpaper, it mainly cotton and linen and other natural plant fiber non-woven forming a wallpaper.. A kind of wallpaper that is made of natural plant fibers such as cotton and hemp. Non-woven cloth wallpaper with its flexibility, high permeability and color fastness, and no chemicals, environmental health and other characteristics, has received many family decoration friends favor. And non-woven wallpaper of the bottom of the table, no paper base, adopting advanced technology of printing color directly, more abundant than fabric surface wallpaper patterns, is a classic decorative pattern of elegant and simple fashion the perfect combination of modern design style.

Be careful when pasting non-woven cloth wallpaper, check the color of each wallpaper before construction, pattern and so on whether unified, then cut again. When cutting, you need to open and cut one roll at a time. The last one of each volume should be compared with the first one of the next volume before applying the glue, and then contact the upstream supplier in time. Remember that you don't have to go all the way up to the wall to find out. The monochrome wallpaper can be considered to adjust the sewing thread, the seam effect will be better. Protective tape is recommended during construction to prevent the glue from spilling onto the surface. For example, if the gum is accidentally spilled, do not wipe it. Use a clean sponge or towel to try it. If use is glutinous rice glue, also can wait for glue to completely dry thoroughly and use brush gently brush.

Also, you must note that before you paste the wallpaper, you can brush a layer of basement membrane to protect the wall, so that the wall won't affect the wall of the wallpaper.

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