Does the wallpaper choose to see the thickness or the brand? What kind of wallpaper is green?

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Tired of monotonous white wall, a lot of owners will choose pattern, color more rich wall paper when decorating.


So how does wallpaper choose the most scientific?

How do you put the stickers on the edge?

Let me tell you about it.

What types of wallpaper are common?


1. Pure paper wallpaper.

Pure paper wallpaper is very easy to understand, it is the thinnest, most common kind of wallpaper.

Since its composition is pulp, it is more environmentally friendly than other wallpapers.

But it is also because of this reason, after all, paper has poor water resistance, so the requirements for construction are higher, and the use of leather is worse.

2. PVC wallpaper.

This kind of wallpaper has stronger character than the pure wall paper, its surface mainly USES polyvinyl chloride resin or glass fiber as base material.

This wallpaper has a certain waterproof performance, pattern style, construction is convenient, has a certain plastic smell so is not suitable for home decoration use, general multi-purpose in a hotel or mall toilet.

3. Fabric wallpaper.

This kind of wallpaper is the material that imitates the clothing that we wear, its more use cloth, chemical fiber, hemp, silk or silk material as raw material.

The feel is more gentle, and the fabric of different material can produce different adornment effect, the price also is higher.

But this kind of wall paper and clothes have the same problem, it is in different climate the shrinkage rate is bigger, not bear dirty, relative will be more delicate.

Non-woven wallpaper.

Non-woven fabric wallpaper is the most popular green wallpaper, unlike fabric wallpaper, which is made of natural fibers such as cotton and linen.

Do not contain any polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene and other pollutants, very safe and environmental protection.

The price of non-woven wallpaper is the most expensive in all the wallpaper, but it works best.

How to choose wallpaper most correct?

Smell it.


The wall paper laid area is big, can say is the home expands area biggest decorate material.

Therefore, the environmental protection of wallpaper has a great impact on our physical health.

When choosing wallpaper, can make up close to the wall paper to smell, have pungent odour.

If you have a choice, it's best to burn a short paragraph on the spot to see if it's dark, smoky or pungent, and if it's not, it's a wallpaper with a high environmental index.


2. Touch with your hands.

A lot of property owner when choosing wallpaper, it is easy to have a mistake, it is the wall paper that chooses those thick thicker, but actually not.

The quality of the wall paper is mainly with paper, craft, patience, and the thickness does not have direct relation, even the wall paper thickness of bad quality is too big, can cover bad wall instead.

The most scientific method is, when choosing wallpaper, use hand to touch the wallpaper carefully, choose the product that feels soft and more compactly.

2. Wipe with water.

Many families buy the wallpaper, besides to dress up the home decoration, also for the convenience of cleaning, especially nowadays many wall paper is featured wet cloth a wipe clean function.

When choosing wallpaper, you can drop a few drops of water on the selected wallpaper, leave for 2~3 minutes, and see if the wallpaper is soaked.

Then dry it with a cloth to see if the wallpaper is fading.

If not, it can be proved that this wallpaper belongs to a high quality product, and vice versa.

How does the wall paper stick to be not warped edge?


1. Smooth wall.

Besides the construction technique, whether the wall is flat is the main reason that directly affects the wallpaper.

Therefore, in order to prevent the wall paper warping from the bubble, before construction, the wall should be flat, dry, decontamination treatment.

2. Brush base film.

Before putting up wallpaper, also pay attention to the moistureproof treatment of the wall, so that can achieve the effect of curing metope, the more convenient when the wall paper is put up.

3. Brush glue.

The wallpaper must be glued, and the average worker is brushing the back of the wallpaper instead of brushing it on the wall.

Be careful to brush the glue to be thin and uniform, do not allow the glue to dry thoroughly before the wall, so easy to cause the edge.

Scrape the wallpaper.

Finally after putting up the wall paper, want to use the wall paper to scrape the flat, the glue that overflows should use a sponge to suck away, must not use wet towel, because humidity can greatly reduce the viscosity of glue.

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