Estimate the amount of wallpaper usage accurately

- Jan 24, 2018 -

1. The general estimate is between 2.5 and 3.5 times the floor area of your room.

2. You can also ask someone to take a field survey for you.

3. Do your own calculation.

Step 1: learn the wallpaper specification.

The common wall paper size is: 53cm width * 10m long =5.3 square pair: the calculation of volume is required to add the cost to the flower.

Step 2: measure room size.

1. The height of the room wallpaper.

2. The width of the wallpaper area of the room.

Step 3: learn about the wallpapers.

The wallpaper is from top to bottom, a piece of patchwork paste.

The width of the wallpaper is 53 centimeters, and one is 53 centimeters.

Assume that the width of the room is 40 centimeters, also need a wallpaper.

A roll of wallpaper length is 10 meters, three, one is 3.33 meters, has a pattern of wallpaper, every picture between docking (called flowers), spelling a flower pattern, the greater the (the distance between the two same pattern, called calcar), two wall paper flowers, the greater the loss.

So, a roll of three, after the good flower, each width sometimes may be only 3 meters or less, then the height of the wall should be within this range.

Step 4: illustrate.

How many volumes do you need for this bedroom?

A, wall paper specification: 53 cm wide *10 meters long, need to be opposite.

B, wall specification: 1. Height 2.8 meters * width (4.3 m +4.3 m +4.8 m + 4.8m -0.98 m -2 m window) = high 2.8 m *15.22 m wide.

2. Below the door and below the window.

C. Calculation result: 1. Confirm that the wall height of 2.8 meters is high, and the wall paper can be divided into three parts.

2. The first calculation is required: 15.22 meters wide /0.53 meters =29 pieces, and the number of calculations: 29/3=10 volumes.

3. Under the head of the door and below the window, look at the area estimation and add one volume.

4. Final result: 11 rolls of wallpaper.

Step 5: advance instructions.

The calculation of the wall paper, because of the complexity of metope, wall paper pattern is not qualitative, in general, cannot calculate accurate beforehand, always have redundant or replenishment situation.

Looking for an experienced and guaranteed business, making a deal is the safest way for a buyer to do it.

Pay attention to the problem

1. The room after the wall paper has just been installed should close the doors and Windows and work in the shade.

Because the room that just finished wall paper is ventilated immediately can cause wall paper to turn up edge and rise drum.

2. After the wall paper is finished, the paper should be gently wiped with a damp towel.

3. The wall paper is relatively resistant to scrubbing, but if the surface of the small area is found to be damaged, the paint or paint can be used to remedy the damage.

4. Non-concave and convex wallpaper, just clean with feather duster.

5. When wet weather, try to close the doors and Windows, in case the water vapor is too heavy, so that the wallpaper is damp.

The colour of general bedroom should be warm, downy, in order to benefit rest.

If the furniture is heavy, the wall color should be very light;

If furniture is lubricious, metope is suitable to use with furniture color similar contrast color is foiled.

Bridal bedroom color can celebrate a bit, downy a bit, warm a bit, the color of the best curtain and wallpaper color is close some, must avoid cool color.

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