European style wallpaper II

- Jun 05, 2018 -

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European-style wallpaper texture with a classic style is generally more colorful in color, and the effect of this type of decoration is often given the atmosphere, luxury feeling. Very European classical style will choose golden yellow as the main color of the wall, but this texture is a pink and gray combination in the choice of color, on the basis of luxury more grace and calm state.

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Now the European style is mainly popular in Baroque style, Baroque style it mainly originated in the Renaissance movement of the seventeenth century, Italy, its main artistic performance characteristics are: luxury, with religious features and hedonistic colors; in a big In terms of degree, the Baroque style is a kind of passionate art, emphasizing the artist's rich imagination; and emphasizing that the movement, movement and change are the soul of Baroque art. In the shape, circles, ellipses, arcs are used to express the vitality of the work.

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The Mediterranean style that we talked about above is totally different from its expression style. The Mediterranean-style design works usually use simple colors, red tiles and white walls; numerous cloisters, hallways, and aisles. The Mediterranean Sea is a place surrounded by the sea, where most of us can see the blue ocean, so we design the atmosphere of the sea, have a view of the sea, and design a so-called passive cooling effect of the touch of the wind. feel.

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However, it should be noted that because of the European-style style of natural air, we chose the European style wallpaper texture when considering the size of the room, the effect of the decoration must be coordinated.

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