Explain the five characteristics of wallpaper

- Jun 05, 2018 -

1. Environmental protection

Home is a warm harbor. When people are creating a “warm harbor”, they are considered first, and they are often safe and environmentally friendly. The domestic first-line wallpaper brand enterprises always regard environmental protection and safety as an important product development concept. Brand products on the market are developed and produced with environmental protection and safety as the guide.

2. Functionality

In order to protect the wall and improve living comfort, many people choose to add decorations to the original wall. The wallpaper with wear-resistance, crack prevention and anti-pollution functions is the best choice.

"A white wall is too monotonous, wallpapering, and the wall is like putting on a windproof raincoat, leaning against a wall of beautiful wallpaper, and not having to worry about the dirt that the wall is peeling off to stain the clothes. It is very comfortable to live in such a home." Consumers who are fond of wallpapers say this.

3, convenience

Decoration is an individual effort, and many people who have experienced the decoration have a deep understanding. If you move in to live in, and maintenance is troublesome, then it is really annoying. Many people choose wallpaper, but also consider the issue of maintenance in the later period.

At present, mainstream wallpapers popular in the market are made of non-woven materials, other materials, and can be cleaned with feather dusters, sponges, and other commonly used household utensils. It is very convenient.

4, artistic

When a girl of straight makeup expresses an eyebrow, the whole face becomes vivid, and the house is the same. When it is delivered, it is rough and original. After being decorated with wallpaper and home, it becomes warm and romantic.

The wallpaper industry has developed so far, and the product structure has been very comprehensive. Take Guoluo wallpaper as an example, a variety of wallpapers with different materials and processes, different colors and patterns have been developed for customers to choose from, with beautiful flowers and elegant patterns. Full of three-dimensional stripes, you can think of almost all can be found, different wallpapers with different personalities, dress up a warm, stylish and full of personality.

5. Functionality

Now there are many functional wallpapers, such as formaldehyde-absorbing wallpaper, anion wallpaper, velvet sound-absorbing wallpaper..... These wallpapers not only have good artistic expression, the key is that they all have extremely strong physical properties, and it is difficult to decorate ordinary wall materials. Achieved. At this point, if consumers do not understand the unique features are also an intangible loss, they can get more advantages at the same price. In particular, today's emphasis on green and healthy homes, functional health wallpaper deserves everyone's attention. Such as flocking sound-absorbing wallpaper, its dryness index is 3- 4 times that of ordinary wall materials, the energy of the sound is absorbed by the velvet after touching the wall surface, and the echo is quickly weakened to achieve the effect of noise reduction and sound absorption, especially suitable for the bedroom and The old man's room, which is widely used in villas and high-end hotels, is extremely beneficial to human health and is a veritable green wallpaper.

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