Flock wallpaper: the new favorite of future home decoration

- Jan 22, 2018 -

The age theme of home decoration.

With the improvement of people's living conditions, the concept of home decoration is also quietly changing, beautiful and luxurious is no longer the only choice of home decoration.

"Advocating health, advocating nature, and pursuing environmental protection" has become the theme of this era, and the flocking wallpaper is on the stage of home decoration in such an era.

The history of Chinese wallpaper development.

Actually, as a wallpaper metope decorate material to have long used, since it was born has attracted great attention, the surface of the beautiful designs, comfortable and modern high-grade breath very accord with people in the pursuit of quality of life.

At home in the late 80 s and early 90 s, the wallpaper has scenery for a while, then wallpaper development particularly fast, are also very profitable, but in the next few years, domestic use of wallpaper is not optimistic, there are a variety of reasons, perhaps the industry has expanded rapidly, the malignant price competition on blindly, may be hardware equipment, technology, etc, not professional, not mature, lead to the rapid decline in the quality of the product, harm the interests of consumers, coupled with international big brand coating mass into later, almost about to the market by the end of the last century.

Chinese wallpaper usage in recent years.

Into the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards improved steadily, the impact of foreign domestic outfit concept, a warming trend of the wallpaper of market in China, according to the statistics data show that China's wallpaper use only 2-3%, but the utilization into increasing trend year by year, this is a welcome phenomenon.


Who lives in a village of Mr. Li is something for your home decorate busy recently, selected a don't know how many choose wallpaper alone, under a friend's recommendation, he came to a wallpaper sellers hua jiang adornment city, flocking wallpaper.

Well-known flocking wallpaper both the flannelette with the aesthetic feeling and excellent sound attenuation, fire prevention, wear-resisting properties, but also has general decorative wallpaper is easy to paste in the buildings such as the characteristics of indoor metope;

Environmental protection does not fade;

Flower type, color also is more abundant, it is the most widely used environmental protection wallpaper in modern home decoration.

"We have been doing wallpaper business for so many years," said Mr. Wang, the owner of the decorative city. "we have been using the" ruiquan "wallpaper.

Do not add any harmful substances, formaldehyde and corrosion resistance and antibacterial, guaranteed quality, this product this year also participated in the "2010 shenzhen international" hometextile, you can rest assured to buy!"

Mr. Wang here to tell you: "now flocking wallpaper use function is more refined, from the sitting room, bedroom, children room, study, restaurant, background wall, and even have their own applicable wallpaper to the kitchen, toilet, relocation ideal matching furniture, tracery, bed act the role ofing, household act the role ofing is tasted, the ground material, more show the wallpaper of bedroom whole decorate beautification effect, greatly improve the taste and quality of family decoration."

With his friend's "warning" and the hospitality of the store, Mr. Li bought his favorite wallpaper.

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