For different grassroots, what kind of approach to take it I

- Mar 03, 2018 -

Many people do have this lucky heart when dealing with the grass-roots level wall, anyway, wallpaper wall stickers to be posted, the wall surface treatment is not good or bad can not tell. This idea is very dangerous, the last loss or yourself. Wall wallpaper because of this reason bubble bubbling, shedding, Alice side, mildew and other issues.

First, the hair embryo room treatment: When the developer submitted the wall may be one of two situations: cement mortar layer or putty layer has been made. (A) if the time of delivery of cement mortar layer approach: 1 using 2M by the foot inspection flatness, if the error ≥ 5MM, the need for 1/3 white cement, 2/3 talcum powder mixed glue (or: glue to reconcile gypsum powder , White cement) local leveling repair, yin and yang angle, hydropower openings also use this material near the hole treatment; 2 leveling, all the walls using 805 glue brush again; 3 construction putty layer.


(B), if the wall when the delivery is done Putty layer approach: Attention! Most of the putty layers of the developers during the delivery of the house are self-blending "putty", which does not meet the quality requirements of direct "+ base film (or varnish) + wallcovering / wallpaper" The treatment is also directly "+ putty + varnish or basement membrane."


Due to the possible quality problems of the developer putty layer; a new layer of putty and the original putty layer of adhesive problems, in order to ensure the construction of wallcovering wallpaper, wallcovering wallpaper will not be sticky wall sticky delamination, we strongly Suggestions: 1> must be to the wall construction company statement, the wall is wallpaper to wallpaper, need to follow the standard construction process construction; 2> the original loose putty layer clean, shovel a solid cement mortar layer .

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