For different grassroots, what kind of approach to take it II

- Mar 03, 2018 -

Second, the treatment of gypsum board: There are many in order to cut off the entire space for a lot of independent space, will use the gypsum board to the wall when the material, then the gypsum wall material in the plaster wallpaper before how to deal with it ? (1) Use anti-rust paint point screw cap to prevent rust. (2) with white latex water conditioning gypsum, fill seams and nail eye. (3) to be dried, the bandages posted at the seam. (4) putty 2-3 times, after drying polished smooth, flat, yin and yang corner straight. (5) brush base film again.


Third, the surface treatment of wood-based surface: (1) wood-based moisture content should not exceed 12%. (2) The surface should be smooth, dust-free, oil and other dirt. (3) thin paint brush again, to prevent water swelling wood fiber. (4) There is a nail hat on the wooden surface, and the nail hat nail sinks into the wooden watch, with the point of antirust paint. (5) fill the seams with atomic gray, to be dry after the deployment of latex and water putty, full scraping 1-2 times. (6) polished with sandpaper and brush the surface of the basement membrane again.


Fourth, the treatment of the old wall: (1) the old wall of the powder can not be pasted directly on the wallpaper wallpaper. (2) water sprinkled on its surface, and then shovel to paint layer and powder layer. (3) After shoveling brushing the interface agent or varnish. (4) Use plaster or putty to level the wall (there are cracks in the larger wall, the first paste a cloth to putty). (5) polished smooth, flat brush base film again. Note: Do not shovel the wall, you can use a wallpaper knife on the wall into a spider-like web shaped small squares, the better the scratches, the smaller the better.

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