Four ways to identify high-quality wood fiber wallpaper

- Jan 19, 2018 -

1. The smell

Turn over the sample of wallpaper, especially new sample, come close to smell its smell, the wood fiber wallpaper is spread out is the light wood fragrance flavour, can hardly smell the smell, if have peculiar smell is not wood fiber.

2. Burn

This is the most effective way.

Wood fiber wallpaper is burning without black smoke, the dust after burning is also white;

If black smoke, smelly, may be PVC material wallpaper.

Do the drop test.

This method can detect the air permeability.

Drop a few drops on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is water vapor through the paper surface, if you can't see, it is explained that this wallpaper does not have breathable performance, it is not wood fiber wallpaper.

Soak it in water.

Water to soak into the water, a small part of the wallpaper wallpaper surface and the back, with his fingers again to see if it fade or bubble, the real wood fiber wallpaper especially strong, and because of its dye for flowers and linen made of pure natural ingredients, not because the blisters and decoloring


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