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- Jun 07, 2018 -

Nowadays in home decoration, more and more people like to stick wallpapers, because there are many other functions that you haven't discovered except the decorative wall.

Rich pattern, beautiful appearance

Through the design of different patterns of printing and embossing dies, the overprinting of multi-print printing colors, and the combination of various embossing patterns, the wallpaper pattern is multi-colored, and both the plain papers suitable for stable office workplaces and the young people are happy. Contrasting geometric figures unbridled; not only from home, you can see the landscape of the flowers and paper, but also to meet the children's tastes, take you into the fairy tale world cartoon paper. As long as the design is decent, the wallpaper can create a home atmosphere for you to feel happy and bursting with happiness.

Easy to replace

With the change of seasons, wallpaper can be easily done! If there is a theme of wallpaper pattern that is more liked, the updated wallpaper needs to gently uncover and peel off the corner of the original wallpaper. For example, if the paper base is firmly bonded to the wall, the new wallpaper can be directly attached to it. Paving is also more respectful, even if it is more than 100 square meters of room, a half-day can make it a new look. Some foreign developed countries may change their wallpapers at home every year, even for Christmas and birthdays, and they usually do it themselves. Wallpaper DIY is also a big pleasure. At the same time, changing the wallpaper will not affect your normal living.

Crack protection wall

An important feature of paving the walls is the protection of the walls. Brushing the wall of latex paint will generally occur in about two years, especially in some dry cities in the north. The paving of wallpaper will play a very good role in protecting the walls. It is unlikely that cracks will occur in the walls unless the walls are cracked.

Dirty and scrub resistant

If your child's baby likes to create, often publish the latest works on the wall; if in the summer because of the mosquitoes do not carelessly stained the wall, do not need to worry about cleaning the wallpaper, just use a sponge, water or detergent to wipe, you can Remove stains. The dirt-resistant and scrub-resistant nature of the rubber surface wallpaper ensures that even if you repeatedly rub it, it will not affect the beauty of the home wall.

More environmentally friendly and healthier

Now there are many functional wallpapers, such as formaldehyde-absorbing wallpaper, anion wallpaper, velvet sound-absorbing wallpaper... These wallpapers not only have good artistic expression, the key is that they all have extremely strong physical properties, and it is difficult for ordinary decoration wall materials to reach. . At this point, if consumers do not understand the unique features are also an intangible loss, they can get more advantages at the same price. In particular, today's emphasis on green and healthy homes, functional health wallpaper deserves everyone's attention. Such as non-woven wallpaper, he is characterized by environmental protection, the use of natural wood pulp as raw materials, environmental health, natural safety. Is a rare home decoration material of choice!

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