How about soundproof wallpaper

- Mar 17, 2018 -

Everyone knows that wall paper is an extremely adaptable wall decoration material, but have you heard of soundproof wallpapers? Can you believe that such a thin wallpaper can resist noise pollution? What about its effect? Let's go and see it together.

Actually, soundproof wallpaper is not a kind of professional soundproof material. If people live near the road, or if they need soundproofing, such as movie theaters and KTVs, they use soundproof panels, sound-insulated cotton or acoustic blankets, etc., which are characterized by long construction period and complicated technology. , And the sound insulation material is heavy and thick. Of course this is also the result of the properties of the soundproofing material, just like the thickness of the refrigerator door.

Soundproof wallpaper is more convenient and lighter than ordinary soundproof panels, soundproof felts, and soundproof cotton, but the soundproof effect is also proportional to the lightness and thinness. As the saying goes, the soundproof wallpaper has a certain amount of noise , but it is not enough for family or company that specialized in sound insulation board.

The part of the soundproof wallpaper is a soft fiberboard. In fact, it is equivalent to a variant of a fiber soundboard, but the difference is that it is very light and thin. It is only about 1 to 3 centimeters, and it is more than a dozen centimeters of professional sound-absorbing. The board is indeed a lot thinner, but it appears to be too thick compared to the ordinary wallpaper in units of millimeters, like the product of the hybridization of the two materials, a bit nondescript. But it's a bit more prominent. It's good-looking. The construction is easy. The main one needs to be manually attached to the wall.

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