How do you handle the wallpaper?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Now a lot of home is decorated with wall paper adornment, already beautiful, convenient.

However, after a long period of time, you will find the problem of wallpaper warping.

So, what are the reasons behind the wall paper?

How to solve it?

According to jiang huang yong, deputy general manager of pengcheng decoration, there are a lot of reasons for the upwarping of the wallpaper, such as the weather, the humidity of the air, and the lack of clean metope.

It is recommended that the owner should do the maintenance of the wallpaper.

The following are specific situations and specific analytical solutions.

Glue doesn't work.

If the wall base is not treated clean, or because the surface of the wall is very rough, may cause the wallpaper edge to become warped.

And then there's the problem of glue, if the glue doesn't stick together, or it doesn't stick to the base.

It is recommended to close the doors and Windows after the wallpaper is put up, so that the wall paper and the glue will be dry, or the glue will be cooled by the wind and easy to be tilted.

The wallpaper itself has a quality problem.

The wallpaper of general poor quality is easy to appear warped edge circumstance.

In addition, there are some PVC wallpaper, which is easy to be separated from the glue surface, which will cause the wallpaper to fall off.

You can only change the wallpaper.

It is suggested that the owner must buy good quality wallpaper.

Want to avoid the wall of wall paper to want to clean the surface of the wall, had better be spray water paint, so the wall surface will be cleaner, the wall paper stick up also won't turn up edge.

Use professional glue.

Be sure to choose to use professional glue when putting up wallpaper, and must make sample test before construction.

In order to make the wall paper seam tight, after the wall of the blank paper to want according to different type of wall paper, choose different tool to shave a point.

Turn up the edge, can rework according to the situation;

If partial mishandling can be cleaned up again, use the glue adhesive glue stick;

If the glue is small, the adhesive can be changed.

If there is a large area of wallpaper warping, it should be torn off and papered.

Finally, the owner should be reminded to pay attention during construction and pay attention to the maintenance during the use, so there will be no problem.

If the wallpaper is tilted up, it can also be reworked according to the actual situation.

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