How much do you know about wallpaper pattern?

- Mar 05, 2018 -

The most common type of European wallpaper is the Damascus pattern. The Damascus flower originates from the city of Damascus, a city of ancient Rome, which specializes in the production of a tool; Because the pattern on the tool is prosperous and gorgeous, noble and elegant. The knife is also known as the Damascus knife. The abstract Damascus flower pattern, not only because of its ancient and noble heaven, is also a transit point of the ancient silk road, which has long been met by the collision and intersection of eastern and western civilizations. The local people due to their love of China into the grid cloth pattern, under the influence of religious art in the west, reform and sublimate the sifang continuous designs, making it more complicated, noble and elegant. With such prints the beauty of the fabric is mass production, and exported to Spain, Italy, France and Britain and other European ancient country, will soon be popular in court, the royal family, church, etc. The upper classes, naturally all dubbed "Damask" appellation. After one thousand, Damascus spends design has become one of the classic design of the European decorative arts, widely used in clothing, cloth art, architecture, painting, packaging and other fields, the former art spark, fame of today has far, man.

Thus, the wallpaper with the strong Damascus wind stood out. In the shape of the peach shaped damask, which is connected to the head and tail, the pattern is arranged in a pattern, and the pattern is arranged in a horizontal and tight arrangement, with the noble hibiscus flowers in the middle. To create noble and luxurious royal classical atmosphere. With exquisite carving pattern, the three-dimensional sense is carefree and life.

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