How much is the new home decoration wallpaper? How is the new home decoration wallpaper

- Mar 12, 2018 -

Generally speaking, if you are a contractor, it is cheaper than 30-40 yuan per square. The wallpaper is generally based on the volume of billing, a roll can probably be affixed to 5 square meters, labor costs need to be around 10 yuan, the specific algorithm still have to be based on the actual situation. The wallpaper is usually sold in square meters, and the fee is also in square meters. You calculate the area of the sticker in your house, multiplied by the price per square meter, plus the cost of materials such as glue and labor to know the price.

We must consider its wear resistance when choosing, because whether it is strong or weak can directly reflect the quality of the wallpaper is good or bad. Generally high-quality wallpaper can be simply scrubbed, and has no effect on the whole after scrubbing. On the other hand, some inferior bedroom wallpapers will be damaged or water stained when they are scrubbed a little. Therefore, when choosing, use a pencil to mark the selected bedroom wallpaper, and then use an eraser. The quality of leaving no trace after rubbing is better, and the quality of the traces is relatively poor.

Second, we also need to consider its environmental protection. We can judge from the taste. If it emits a pungent smell during construction or after installation, it means that the quality is poor, or we can take a little bit of it. Fragments are burned and wallpaper with high environmental index burns well and there is no pungent smell and smoke.

In the end we must also consider its feel, but this is not to say that the thicker it is, the better. Its quality is actually related to paper quality, crafts, etc. We can feel it by hand when touching the bedroom wallpaper when selecting. Domestic bedroom wallpapers are generally soft and have strong resistance. This is the top grade, and foreign imported bedroom wallpaper Due to its high density, it is more compact than domestically produced bedroom wallpapers.

In addition to selecting our own favorite designs, we must also consider the overall style. If the style does not match, it will do the opposite. In addition, we also need to consider its quality, because it is directly related to its useful life. In general, the higher the sharpness of the pattern, the better the quality of the bedroom wallpaper is, the generally uniform color, the pattern without color difference belongs to the top grade, the leaked white or the color is not uniform, and the blurring is defective.

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