How to Buy European Wallpaper

- Jan 04, 2018 -

    When we hear the word "European", we naturally think of the atmosphere, luxury and other pronouns.

    But now European style based on the original also added a elegant and delicate contracted rural ethos, so can't completely summarized, it different to the Chinese cultural art connotation of Europe type style, implicative, etc., on the contrary they reveal force, extremely bold eclectic, let's specific about according to the European wallpaper.

    The elegant rural style of the European style wallpaper map. Unlike the traditional European style, it is no longer a representative of luxury but a natural beauty. Deep on the evolution of Europe type style is European art and culture to another level, many young people like Europe type style of work, in general the west is a country of humanism, the person around on the design to modelling, shows people a better life to enjoy, completely according to the specific needs of people to tailor work of art.

    Europe is a country composed of multinational members, and the representation of art in each period is also varied. Therefore, the European style wallpaper map also presents a multi-national and multi-stage cultural and artistic connotation. According to different periods are often divided into: classical style, the style, the Renaissance style, baroque and neoclassical style, the rococo style, etc., including classical style is divided into: Roman style, the style of ancient Greece. According to different regional cultures, there are: Mediterranean style, French baroque, British baroque, Nordic style, American style, etc. The different forms of art can produce different decorative effects and give us the choice of layers, multi-culture and multi-elements.


   The Mediterranean style of European style wallpaper map. Mediterranean style wallpaper also very have rendering power, choose in art yellow and black collocation, gives a person sedate mature visual enjoyment, is a design drawings of the atmosphere, generally choose such drawings, for us is very tall to the requirement of the house, its decorate effect must be reflected in the large room, small room can not reach the effect, but counterproductive, is room space becomes narrow, give a person the feeling depressed, choking.

    Choose what kind of map back to the room of the pack to style, European style architectural decoration will generally choose white paint, give a person the sense of holiness, for this type of decorate a style on the choice of stickers will not be able to choose the color is too deep, and it hit a gale of fresh, so you couldn't too bright, color is given priority to with quietly elegant, metope wallpaper can cooperate is tie-in, not completely agree with style choice, such collocation out without an administrative levels feeling inside.

    The European style wallpaper map with classic amorous feelings, in the color is general is more colorful, and the effect that this type is decorated often is to give a person atmosphere, luxurious feeling. A European classical style can choose golden yellow as the color of metope, but the map on the choice of the color is a pink and gray collocation, on the basis of luxury is much more natural and graceful, calmly.

    Now popular Europe type style is mainly is the baroque style, baroque style it mainly originated in the 17th century Renaissance, Italy, its main artistic features are: luxury, with religious characteristic and the colour of hedonism; To a large extent, the baroque is a kind of passionate art which emphasizes the rich imagination of the artist; And emphasize movement, movement and change is the soul of baroque art, modelling is mostly use round, ellipse, arc to show the vitality of the work.

    And the Mediterranean style that we're talking about is completely different from what it is in the form, and the Mediterranean design is usually a simple color, red tile white wall; A large number of corridors, halls and corridors. The Mediterranean Sea is a sea of place, we all can see the blue sea, where the majority so exquisite Marine breath smell on the design, there are at the edge of the sea scenery, design form drafts such so-called passive cooling effect of the contact surface.

    But should pay attention to because of Europe type style of that kind of atmosphere of the natural language of the wind, when we are choosing wallpaper map of Europe type style, considering the size of the room to decorate the effect must be coordinated.

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