How to buy living room film and television background wall paper?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

So how to buy the proper living room film and TV wallpaper use?

Today I will introduce some of the living room and TV wallpaper and the living room film and television wallpaper decoration design effect picture appreciation, hope to help you.

The purchasing skill of the living room movie wallpaper.


Look at the color

The sitting room TV setting wall wall cloth some tonal it is obvious that such as bright yellow, dark green, dark red, maybe in a short period of time looking at very beautiful and lively, but put them in the long term use in the bedroom can have adverse consequences?

The sitting room TV setting wall wall cloth color and design directly affects the space atmosphere in the room, the color of the wall cloth can also affect the person's mood, dark and bright colors have active effect to the person's mood, is suitable for use in dining-room and sitting room, cool color and brightness with low color can make people concentrate, emotional stability, suitable for use in the bedroom and study.


See the effect

If the sitting room TV setting wall wall cloth and decorate the whole house color coordination, feeling some of the wall cloth looks very good, but get back to home decoration to match, color too strong or other not harmonious.

Touch the quality of a material

The feel of the wall cloth feels, can use the hand to feel, through much comparison, pick out the wall cloth that oneself feels satisfied.

Wipe the surface

The wall cloth USES the hand to touch, see his mechanism touch effect picture, generally more delicate, soft wall cloth is better.



Environmental protection and health are important, choose the smell of wall cloth when the wall cloth of the sitting room TV background wall, if the smell is unbearable or the smell is too heavy, don't buy.

Generally choose to choose the smell is not heavy, otherwise the home suffers damp, the smell of wall cloth sends out, can affect the air of the whole sitting room also is adverse to health.

Choose the light


Sitting room TV background wall cloth chooses to still see the effect that the wall cloth is in lamplight, some wall cloth looks very beautiful in the daytime, but arrive evening in the light illuminate, can change.

Choose TV background wall to pay attention to three details.

Thematic wall design cannot be messy and complex, with concise and lively as well, metope is often through local people line of sight, is the focus of the view after taking the door, like a person's face slightly from make-up, it is refreshing.

The theme wall now, more and more simple, with contracted style is fashionable.

Color application should be reasonable.

According to the analysis of the psychological effect of color of color can make the room look bigger or smaller, give a person with "bulge" or "sunken" impression, can make the room becomes active, also can make the room feel peace.

Lighting effects

Can't do for make TV setting wall setting wall, the sitting room TV setting wall wall cloth design should pay attention to the collocation of whole household, need to cooperate and set off, and other display to consider its position arrangement and lighting effects.

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