How to buy wallpaper

- Jan 24, 2018 -

1. Paper base wallpaper: it is the earliest wallpaper, with surface printable or embossed.

The base permeability is good, can make the moisture out of the wall at the base, do not cause discoloration, bubbling and so on.

This kind of wallpaper is cheap, the disadvantage is poor performance, water, not easy to clean, not easy to construct, now less production.

2. Textile wallpaper: this is the more advanced variety in the wallpaper.

It is mainly made of silk, wool, cotton and hemp.

Good texture, good air permeability.

Use it to decorate a bedroom, give a person with decorous, downy, comfortable feeling.

Among them, non-woven wallpaper is a kind of advanced finishing material made of cotton, hemp and other natural fibers or polyester and nitrile synthetic fibers.

Its characteristic is crisp, not easily tear, elastic, smooth surface, and have the feeling of cashmere wool, and bright color, design, elegant, not easy fade, has certain permeability, can swab.

Brocade wall cloth is a more advanced kind, the satin weave has ancient elegant exquisite pattern, colour and lustre is gorgeous, the texture is soft, the technical and technical requirement of pasting is very high.

Its price is more expensive, belong to interior high-grade adornment.

3. Natural materials wallpaper: this is a wallpaper made from natural plants such as grass, hemp, wood and leaves;

Also valuable tree species of wood cut into thin slices.

Its characteristic is the style is simple and natural.

4. Plastic wallpaper: this is the most productive and fastest selling wallpaper in the world.

Most of the plastic used is polyvinyl chloride, or PVC plastic wallpaper.

Plastic wallpaper is usually divided into: ordinary wallpaper, foaming wallpaper, etc.

Each category is divided into several varieties, each of which is divided into various colors.

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