How to buy wallpaper

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Wallpaper, also known as wallpaper, is a very widely used interior decoration material. Because the wallpaper has features such as diverse colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety, environmental protection, convenient construction, and reasonable prices, etc., many kinds of other interior decoration materials are unmatched, and now the wallpaper on the market is also varied and the quality is uneven. Consumers do not know. How many brands of wallpaper are in the end?

Wallpaper shopping method

1, see the packaging to determine the quality

When you choose a wallpaper, you need to see the entire details of the wallpaper's packaging. The generally high-quality wallpapers are all exquisitely made on the packaging logo. And if the high-quality companies will inherit the concept of "simple and simple," the overall packaging may seem simple but without losing the atmosphere.

2, see if the pattern is clear

In general, the choice of wallpaper mainly depends on whether the ridge is collocated, but the quality must also be taken into consideration. In general, the higher the clarity of the pattern, the better the quality of the wallpaper. Colors and patterns with no color difference are top grades; unpleasant white and fuzzy patterns are defective.

3, touch to determine the thickness

The quality of wallpapers depends not only on the thickness but also on factors such as paper quality, process, and patience. When you purchase, you must carefully touch the wallpaper. The domestic wallpaper is soft and resistant, and it is a top grade product; foreign wallpaper density is relatively high. In general, domestic wallpaper is relatively more compact.

4, test the color fastness of wallpaper

The durability of wallpaper color is also one of the buying points. The test method can be used to wipe the wallpaper with a wet paper towel to see if it is discolored. If the color does not fall off, it is a top grade product. Especially when you buy a three-dimensional texture and light wallpaper, we must remember to test. Because the wallpaper with strong color fastness is easy to clean, it can keep the color of the wallpaper itself from yellowing for a long time.

5, detection of waterproof

Water accidentally splashed on the wall, if the wallpaper is not waterproof, not only the wallpaper itself will have an impact, and even will make the wall moldy. Therefore, the owners can buy a drop of water on the wallpaper, after 2-3 minutes, if there is no penetration, this wallpaper waterproof performance, quality.

6, detection of wear resistance

The degree of wear resistance can directly reflect the quality of the wallpaper. High-quality wallpapers have no effect after repeated scrubbing. Inferior wallpapers may be damaged or water stained when scrubbed slightly. Therefore, you can use a pencil to wipe the wallpaper and then erase it when you buy it. If there is no trace of the wallpaper, it is the top grade.

7, look at the environmental protection index

Nowadays, there are too many environmentally friendly products on the market. Many homeowners will also regard environmental protection products as the first choice when purchasing building materials. After all, whether the products are environmentally friendly is closely related to our bodies. When you choose wallpapers, you can first see if the wallpaper has any odor. Conditions allow you to burn a short period of time. High-environmentally-friendly wallpaper burns without pungent smell and smoke.

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