How to change wallpaper?

- Mar 08, 2018 -

How to change wallpaper?

A: if you want to repost the wallpaper next time, just peel off the corner of the old wallpaper and peel it off, leaving the paper base on the wall. If the paper foundation and wall are glued firmly, new wallpaper can be mounted directly on it, but should avoid new wallpaper seam and old paper seam just hit in the same position. If the wall is damaged, it needs to be treated with putty, then brush the oil, and then post the new wallpaper. Now the new natural wood pulp and wood fiber wallpaper can be posted directly above, less wasteful artificial and material waste.

How to check the construction quality of wallpaper?

A: after the wall paper construction, there is no obvious seam in the 1.5m visual paper; Mounting firmly, no open seam, no empty drum, edge, creases; Uniform color, no stain, no margin, no glue mark and indentation; The pattern is correct, the pattern of the joint is consistent, and there is no joint at the Angle of Yin and Yang.

Wallpaper selects three elements.

Whether choose wallpaper or wall cloth, the main should consider three aspects: prevent fire, color, clean difficulty degree.

In recent years, the wallpaper and wall cloth, add fire prevention qualitative material of not a few, and add the insect-resistant, mouldproof, sound-absorbing materials, these to upgrade the household consumers, there is no doubt that is very important. Metope, it is the space that USES adornment material area in the bedroom, accordingly, the color department of wallpaper, pattern is the main attack direction that chooses. Harmonious tonal, can convey the aesthetic feeling of whole, and the collocation of bright contrast, can let the space lively have change.

In addition to the above two points, whether to clean up, is another major consideration when choosing wallpaper. The easy cleaning properties of wallpaper, including anti - dust and waterproof. For example, whether you can wipe the wallpaper surface directly with a wet cloth, is the user's concern.

In relative terms, the maintenance of the wall cloth must be careful, if not carefully stained with pigment or other stains, even if timely cleaning, it is difficult to repair. The daily maintenance is best is to use the vacuum cleaner regularly to remove the surface dust.

What are the advantages of wallpaper?

Answer: the wall paper is by stylist originality and together with technologist make, have craft aesthetic and individualistic style fashionable product.

It can change metope style and atmosphere most conveniently and quickly, make the environment become action rich. Just like an ordinary girl, if she has the conditions to dress up, she will shine. Dress up girl is fashionable dress, decorate metope is wall paper, wall paper is the fashion of wall.

It is relatively the most economical way to upgrade the environment, the wallpaper high penetration areas must have higher cultural quality and economic relatively developed area, in Europe and the United States, the penetration rate is more than 65%, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan as high as 90%.

The glue surface wallpaper is easy to take care of, can wash with water, especially for the metope that is uneven or have crack, have the effect that decorates beautification more.

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