How to choose 1060 PVC wallpaper?

- Mar 12, 2018 -

Choose materials

With the development of China's economy, wallpapers are growing exponentially every year at home. In most parts of southern China and many large cities in the north, wallpapers are undoubtedly the first materials for home decoration because of their personalized decorative effects. At present, the main materials used for wallpaper are paper, glue (PVC), natural fiber, glass fiber, metal and fabric. It is worth noting: good and evil people mixed up the wallpaper on the market, some irresponsible manufacturers and merchants often some inferior crude wallpaper to deceive consumers, the wallpaper of environmental protection, breathe freely poor performance, after the wall and yellow easy to become warped edge, affect the body healthy and beautiful home. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers go to some regular professional wallpaper stores with after-sales guarantee.

See the effect

On the whole, good wallpaper should look natural, comfortable and stereo strong. From the detail observation, the pattern is delicate and has the layer feeling, tonal transition is natural, to the flower must not be allowed, whether there is chromatic aberration, dead fold, bubble, these are all you want to pay attention to.

Touch the quality of a material

Touch the wallpaper and feel the texture of the wallpaper. The key point is to touch the pattern to see if the pattern is uniform. Compare the left and right thickness of the whole wallpaper, the effect will be good after finishing.

Wipe the surface

The anti-fouling resistance of wallpaper is also the factor that you should consider when buying, especially the family that has naughty baby should pay attention to this aspect. In the selection, you can use a slightly wet cloth slightly to wipe the paper surface, such as the appearance of decolorization or removal of the quality is not good.


Close to the sample or product and smell if there is any obvious chemical odor. If only slightly similar to the taste of alcohol, you can safely choose. If the odor is heavier, the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride monomer may be higher.

Finally remind you, the glue that paste wallpaper also should choose carefully, otherwise easy to produce harmful gas is harmful to health. Another paper processed in metope, at the end of the building is decorated in, because the house is decorated in the paint if it is not completely dry, the organic solvent in the paint will be volatile, pollution wallpaper.

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